The Horror Honeys: Saturday Animated Jam ~ Nightmare

Saturday Animated Jam ~ Nightmare

Love Automatic ~ Nightmare

You see the light begin to fade
You know its much too late
You won't escape
from the nightmare
Its only in your head

Its a nightmare
so close your eyes
and say your prayers now

I wasn't too sure to consider video this a HoneyJam or a Creepy Cartoon, so I am spoiling you with TWO videos today!

Take an electric pop song, add saturday cartoon characters and gory stop motion animation and you've got Love Automatic's music video for “Nightmare”, directed by self-proclaimed “Clayxploitation” animator Lee Hardcastle.

The story is pretty simple, a group of Paranormal Investigators visit a haunted house only to find that something much more sinister is lurking in the walls. Characters are possessed and killed off in gleeful gory ways. The music composed by American group “Love Automatic, helps to amplify the craziness with 80's synths and EDM beats.

I have been following Lee Hardcastle's work for the last while, especially after winning the ABCs of Death 26th director contest and his skills continue to amaze and inspire myself and many other animators.  ~ CH

Lee Hardcastle
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Love Automatic