The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Review ~ The Strain: S1 Ep 4 "It's Not for Everone"

Horror TV Review ~ The Strain: S1 Ep 4 "It's Not for Everone"

A Horror TV Honey Recap by Lisa

Viewers who came to The Strain having read the books have been quite a bit more excited than those of us that haven't. Thankfully, my patience paid off by getting to the fourth episode. Picking up where the last episode left off, we have Eph, Nora and Jim staring at a caved in skull bleeding a strange milky fluid swimming with worms. Awesome.

To make things even better, we are reunited with Gus. I have absolutely no idea how his character is going to play into all of this and I don't care. Gus is a tall drink of water and a badass to boot. Yes, please. I'm assuming that this nonsense with stealing cars will prove to have something to do with all of this somehow, some way.

There was a lot of chit-chatting going on with our mysterious ill gentleman and, quite frankly, I tuned out at some point during all of his scenes. I realize that he was probably talking about really important stuff, but I can't concentrate on all of that after I've just watched one of the most disgustingly amazing autopsies since X-Files or Fringe.

That autopsy was absolutely vile and fascinating. To quote Jim, "This thing just shot a six foot python out of it's mouth, it's dick is gone and it just squirted a shit load of shit all of the table!" Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Eph's reaction to the whole thing was perfect; he was fascinated, impressed and terrified all at once. Also, this is about the point that we begin to lose Nora and Jim finally cracks. Yay for forward character development!

Alright, let's talk about Ansel. He was able to keep his sanity separate from the worms long enough to chain himself up like an animal in the shed.  His poor wife, Anne-Marie, comes home to a dead dog and she believes that her husband is responsible. As he pleads with her to run away from him because the voice in his head is telling him to rip her throat and drink from her, she takes a little too long for my liking to react and run the hell away. Just when you think her world can't get any worse, we learn that her lovely neighbor is actually responsible for the death of her dog so she does what any good Christian woman would do. She feeds the feeds the neighbor to her husband. I love you Anne-Marie!

As Eph returns to the French gentleman's house, he is greeted by Emma and she is definitely not doing well. As Eph and Nora stand virtually paralyzed by the sight of a tiny person trying to attack them with her crazy snake tongue, Abraham comes out of nowhere and takes care of business with that super rad sword of his. I adore how nonchalantly he then tells them that they need to move because her father will be coming next. Of course they are too stunned to listen and Abraham must save them once more.

I must admit to not fully understanding Nora's reaction to all of this. Caving in the pilot's skull with a fire extinguisher and then doing an off the cuff autopsy? No problem. Killing the little girl that was trying to eat you? Unacceptable. You know what, Nora? Don't let the door hit you on your way out; we don't need you and your feelings bringing Eph and his hairpiece down. 

Color me officially excited to see where the action is leading. I love how gross this episode was and I absolutely adore Eph and Abraham teaming up. Get the matches. Shit is about to heat up on The Strain.