The Horror Honeys: Horror Game Cosplay Feature - "Clickers" ~ The Last of Us

Horror Game Cosplay Feature - "Clickers" ~ The Last of Us

A Gamer Honey Cosplay Feature by Kaley

With reports from SDCC of an upcoming The Last of Us film being made (and produced by Sam Raimi!) I thought it would be a great time to share some Clicker cosplays that were sent to me.

B.C. local cosplayers Lazy Dreamer Cosplay and Cannibalxashi show us how creepy Clickers - and British Columbia for that matter - can really be!

"The photos were taken at the Riverview Mental Hospital, which is an abandoned mental hospital up in Coquitlam, British Columba." Eerie!

Photos by Piyo/Pyo and Lumin Photography



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