The Horror Honeys: Saturday Gamer Jam ~ Room of Angel

Saturday Gamer Jam ~ Room of Angel

Silent Hill 4 ~ Akira Yamaoka ~ Room of Angel

So insignificant, sleeping dormant deep inside of me,
Are you hiding away, lost, under the sewers,
Maybe flying high, in the clouds?
Perhaps you're happy without me...
So many seeds have been sown in the field,
And who could sprout up so blessedly,
If I had died I would have never felt sad at all,
You will not hear me say 'I'm sorry'

Where is the light, wonder if it's weeping somewhere?

For those of you familiar with the Silent Hill game mythos, Room of Angel is perfectly matched to the atmosphere of the Silent Hill franchise. Eerie in its calmness, Room of Angel is a fitting lullaby and almost a farewell to the best parts of the game itself... A little slow for a Honey Jam, just turn it up, and let the goosebumps roll over you. ~ HH