The Horror Honeys: Comics Review ~ STIFFS

Comics Review ~ STIFFS

A Comics Honey Review by Shannon

STIFFS Issues #1-3
Author: Drew Davies, PJ Montgomery, Joseph Glass
Artist: Gavin Mitchell & Adam Cadwell
Publisher: Smoking Simian Sequentials

Cwm-Mawr. A dead-end town in the South Wales valleys where nothing ever happens.

Except for all the zombies. Not to worry, Don and Kenny are intrepid zombie hunters! When they're not working at a call center or killing time at the pub. But things are about to get a lot more complicated... Did we mention that Kenny is a monkey?

Zombie hunting: the ultimate dead-end job. 

Artwork 4/5
Layout 5/5
Writing 4/5
Characters 5/5
Re-Readability 5/5

Total: 4 1/2 out of 5

For a while now I had been watching one comic creator, Joseph Glass, with regards to his LGBTQ superhero comic: The Pride. One day he posted on tumblr about his other project STIFFS: a 5 part comic series about a white collar bloke and a cigar-chompin monkey hunting zombies in a small South Wales town. 

I knew this was going to be a fun horror comedy to sink my teeth into!

The artwork is illustrated by Gavin Mitchell and I love how he keeps the art style a little more on the retro side with rough lines, ink rendering, and hand drawn textures, and top it off with Adam Cadwell's colour palletes echoing a bit of the 80's with pinks, blues, yellows and lime greens. 

Also want to give props for the character design in this comic, giving each character a unique look in terms of face, body shape and clothing. Contrast this with a lot of comic artists in the industry that seem to have one stock face/body type for each character drawn. (You know who I am talking about!)

Another great note I have to give to Gavin Mitchell and Adam Cadwell (Hey, your names rhyme!) is the layout of the comic. 

The actions in the panels are great, dialogue flows well and the pacing is well done without bogging down the reader with huge amounts of exposition or having some scenes go too fast, and then crawling like molasses in others.

The story revolves around Don Daniels who lives in a small Welsh town of Cwm-Mwar, works a dead end job in Customer Service, heads to the pub and at nighttime hunts the undead.
Right away you start thinking of Shaun of the Dead, however the similarities end there as the plot of the first three issues go into another direction, revealing that there is more going on in this world than another zombie apocolypse.

The comic is written by Drew Davies, PJ Montgomery and Joseph Glass. Even with multiple writers, I still found the story to be very cohesive with great pacing, humor and good amount of character development inbetween zombie brain squishing.

The characters are definitely the big draw for me in this series. The main two characters are Don and Kenny. Don works a dead end job during the day in a call center (I know that hell all too well!) and at night he works another dead end job protecting the small town from an infection of undead. 

And Kenny? Kenny is a sentient chapuchin monkey who likes to smoke cigars and drink cheap whiskey, (much like the rest of this evolved species) and helps Don with his investigation of the rising undead in Cwm-Mawr. So far what I want to know is: why is everyone in the comic not freaking out about the fact that he's a TALKING MONKEY?

Definitely can see this comic as something to pick up and enjoy more than once, with the great eye candy, writing, and characters. I can see this being a much longer series and is very interested in seeing how everything develops in future issues.

This is definitely a great start to the comic series and I am liking the direction its going in regards to the world the characters live in. If you are a fan of zombie films, british comedy, World of Darkness or any urban fantasy/horror genre, then STIFFS is the comic for you!

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