The Horror Honeys: True Blood Episode Recap ~ Season 7, Ep. 6 "Karma"

True Blood Episode Recap ~ Season 7, Ep. 6 "Karma"

A Horror TV Honey Episode Review by Lisa

It's the last season with only five episodes left to go. That would mean that the action is going to start really amping up, right? Um, kind of. 

Sure, the episode picked up with Eric taking out the Yakuza, but he was clearly drained of all energy. Way to help your maker, Pam. For a feisty bitch, she never really comes through on the action side of things, does she? Anyone who tries to tell me that Eric fighting the Yakuza was not a direct reference to Kill Bill is wrong. He even had the moment where he exasperatedly said, "really?" when the men just kept coming at him. I bring this up because last week I was obsessed with the Django Unchained references and this week was kind of an episode made up of film references. 

Is there no clearer sign that the writers have all but given up? If this was a theme that ran through all seven seasons, I would find it fun, but to start popping up in the last six episodes of the series just feels boring and mildly insulting to the viewer. We stuck by you through so much to have you just rub our faces in your apathy and boredom.


So, Lettie Mae (who should be dead) takes V with Lafayette and they see Tara doing the Britney Spears thing with that snake again. This little voodoo nonsense better start showing it's relevance really soon because it's already becoming tedious. For the love of Russell Edgington, just let the woman finish her damn V induced visions and tell us what Tara is trying to communicate! We only have four episodes left. Side note; still loving James' hair and I am officially on team Lafayette and James. You go get your happiness, hooker!

I refuse to take the Violet being submissive things serious for more than half of a hot second. And am I the only one who yelled, "don't blow him, he was just fucking Jessica!" Unsanitary. I am interested to see what she has in store for our young lovebirds, though. Violet is pissed and we all know that hell hath no fury......

So, Bill walks into a waiting room full of dead people with lame elevator music playing. He takes his number and realizes he's going to be there for a while. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Sarah Newlin is on the same shit list as Lettie Mae so, imagine my disappointment when they made her the salvation of all vampires. "Newmi" is newly annoying and I hate her even more than before. However, I think I hate someone more than both of these characters combined and her name is Sookie Stackhouse. 

Burn me at the stake if you like, but she has turned into a whining cry baby who is, literally, the cause of everyone's demise. Y'all didn't actually think that she wasn't the one responsible for Bills's Hep-V did you?  Of course, she just knows there is a miracle out there for him (Sarah Newlin?) and in the video they shared at SDCC, Sookie is shown with Niall. Perhaps the fae can save the vampires despite the amazing level of conflict contained in that notion.

After Pam and Eric make their deal with the super fabulous man in white, this new rag tag gang descends upon the house where Newmi is hiding and this moment is straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie. Pick a movie, any movie, and you will see the shot of really cool looking people walking slowly and looking epically cool while doing it. This puts our homage moments at four. I wonder how many more they can fit into the final four episodes. Perhaps a glowing suitcase or a gimp will appear. I don't care if it's a group of Oompa Loompas as long as they wrap this show up in a satisfying manner.