The Horror Honeys: True Blood Episode Recap ~ Season 7, Ep. 5 "Lost Cause"

True Blood Episode Recap ~ Season 7, Ep. 5 "Lost Cause"

A Horror TV Honey Episode Review by Lisa

True Blood ~ "Lost Cause"

After the awesomeness that was last week's episode, I was cautiously optimistic about this one. Well, it didn't suck all over the place, but it was a bit more melodramatic than necessary and it also felt as though it lagged in the middle. Mostly centered around a party to celebrate Tara and Alcide, despite Sookie's disapproval, many relationship issues were explored. Some were positive and some, well, just ended up creating more conflicts.

Always the super fab addition to any party, Lafayette did what he does best and brought everyone together to help heal broken hearts and move forward in life. The tension between Lafayette and James had been building since the season opener and it was so very lovely to see Lafayette get a little bit of love. Too bad James is currently in a relationship with Jessica. Jessica has been the worst girlfriend ever lately with her 100% self absorbed pity party. Any time James tries to reach out to her or help her, she rejects him, so, I'm not entirely sure how long she thought she could treat him like that until he became dissatisfied. Ultimately, she didn't seem that upset about the whole thing seeing as how it led her to sex with Jason. Jason and Jessica should be together, but we all know that Violet does not share this same sentiment. I cannot wait to see what Violet is going to do about this. The fact that she didn't rush into that bedroom and throw a fit like she usually does means she has something extra sinister planned. I suggest Jessica watch her back.
I think we all need to take a moment to applaud Lafayette and his well deserved, if poorly timed, reminder to everyone that he is, indeed, a person and not just "that queen that makes all you white heterosexuals laugh and feel good about yourselves. Has it ever fucking occurred to you that I want a piece of happiness too?" Preach it Lafayette, preach it! 

O.K. Sarah Newlin has a vampire sister. Yawn. The only thing interesting that came out of this conveniently brand new development was seeing Eric and Pam in their Texas finest. Every man looks good in cowboy boots and Pam really was a shining example of a Republicunt. (Seriously, we need to make Republicunt tee-shirts.) And the Yakuza?! I simply can't help wondering if the Yakuza are offended that they have been relegated to tracking down Sarah Newlin on True Blood. Seriously. Of all of the things that the Yakuza have been accused of, this has got to be somewhat of an embarrassment for them. While I did enjoy seeing my viking take the Yakuza out,  I do hope that it didn't zap too much of what little health and energy he has left.

Again, why is Lettie Mae alive? Alcide is dead, but this wackadoo is still going strong? Consider me confused and irritated, although, this has been my main emotion towards this show for quite a few seasons now.

Andy's proposal to Holly was a truly bright spot in an otherwise melancholy episode. Andy has always been a diamond in the rough. Every time you started to take him as a simpleminded lunkhead, he does something really lovely like easing Jessica of her guilt over the fae massacre. I love Andy Bellefleur and in my house, we still say, "I know that pig!" every time our chubby dog walks by. Andy deserves happiness and this was perfect; I sure do hope that he has gone through all of the tragedy that he is going to see. He has had enough.

I guess I have to acknowledge the flashbacks. They were boring and unnecessary. I am only guessing here, but they seemed to be foreshadowing the reveal at the end of the episode. Way back when, Bill Compton learned a hard lesson; a man can face death regardless of the color of his skin or the goodness of his soul. Well, it's 2014 and, apparently, a vampire can face death regardless of his age or the goodness of his soul. So, while this brings up a very interesting and new problem among the vampire community, I won't be surprised if Miss Soookie's blood is just the thing that Mr. Compton needs to cure his Hep-V. For better or worse, Bill and Sookie always end up saving one another. Or, wait for it, is she the one that infected him and because her blood is super powered that is why his Hep-V seems to be progressing at a much faster rate than Eric's? 

So many questions remain and I will remain optimistic that they will all be answered.