The Horror Honeys: True Blood Episode Recap ~ Season 7, Ep 4 "Death Is Not The End"

True Blood Episode Recap ~ Season 7, Ep 4 "Death Is Not The End"

A Horror TV Honey Review by Lisa

True Blood; Death Is Not The End

Another Sunday night, another opportunity for True Blood to simultaneously break my heart and disappoint me. After Alcide's death last week, I was less than looking forward to this episode. Though it started out weak, it ended up being the best episode of the season thus far. Dare I say, the best episode the show has seen in a very, very long time?

Whomever is responsible for the Eric and Pam flashbacks, I speak for almost all Trubies when I say, "I cannot thank you enough for these moments of amazing hair, clothing, music and some real Eric and Pam love." Eric and Pam have always been one of the more interesting and emotionally complex relationships and it has been really fun and lovely to see them go through different phases of their lives and relationship. Getting the backstory on Eric becoming a sheriff and the birth of Fangtasia has been a blast. Although it feels a little cheap to use flashbacks as a vehicle to return deceased characters to the show for one last moment, I sure did love seeing The Magister (Zeljko Ivanek) again and don't even try to tell me you weren't delighted to see Ginger. With a functioning brain! Yes, it was annoying for the tidbit of the Underground Railroad being thrown in because it was, obviously, going to come into play later in the episode, but I guess we have learned to let a lot of things go if we are still watching a show that hasn't been great for a while now.

The moment when Ginger (Tara Buck) walks into that silly video store to the sounds of the  Garbage single #1 Crush (conveniently, a song about a stalker) and asks for Rabid and Cronos for a college class that she's enrolled in, my 1996 self just about exploded. They even found one of those awful 90's era chokers for her. Just when you think the scene can't get any better, Eric Northman walks through the door, in slow motion, wearing an oversized shirt tucked into belted pants, accented with a silver rope necklace and 90210 hair. Well, I may have had the exact same reaction that Ginger had. Seeing the exact moment of her obsession with Eric begin was a nice treat for the fans and it really was great to see Ginger before she was glamoured out of all of her intelligence. Intelligence that birthed Fangtasia off of the sight of an oversized, ugly, regal looking chair.  I believe Ginger said it best when she said, "Eric Northman is nothing if he is not pure fucking sex on a throne."  This was such a great idea that Pam immediately put her shady boots on and stole it. While it is really obvious and easy to use Bela Lugosi's Dead by Bauhaus in the background, it was a nice touch .

Outside of all of the awesome flashbacks, we are still listening to Jessica bitch and moan about her guilt. Really? I don't have time for this. We have a million and a half story lines to wrap up and I have to listen to Jessica cry? For the love of Godric, can we just kill her already? The only good thing that came out of this tiresome story was getting to see Lafayette be the awesome and fierce hookah we know and love.

Oh yeah, Sookie is still alive for some stupid, unknown reason and even more annoying than that, she still has some kind of hold on both Bill and Eric. I know that most people really enjoyed the moment that Sookie and Eric shared but, I am just so sick and tired of her and her bad southern accent distracting all of the men from the real problem; the Hep-V vampires who are eating all of her friends and loved ones. Thank goodness for Sookie's telepathy skills so they could discover that Arlene is being held at Fangtasia and another big thanks to baby Jesus for putting Fangtasia over the Underground Railroad. 

Watching our viking trying to punch in the wall was pretty sad and a dose of reality that nobody really wanted. I'm beginning to wonder if the series will kill off all of the fan favorite characters and leave us with the dregs. (Way to waste Robert Patrick with a silly phone conversation. Why on earth does he need to come to Bon Temps when they have effectively killed off the entire werewolf story line?) In all honesty, Arlene should have been allowed to be at peace with Terry. Terry is the only bright spot this poor woman has ever had in seven seasons. Why not just let her die and be with the love of her life? 

Overall, this episode was a delightful surprise in an ever dwindling and disappointing series, so, I will overlook the pack of angry townspeople and the Matrix style fight scenes in favor of Eric Northman's epic 1996 hair.