The Horror Honeys: True Blood Episode Recap - Fire in the Hole

True Blood Episode Recap - Fire in the Hole

A Horror TV Honey Recap by Lisa

Hello fellow Trubies. Let's talk about last night, shall we? As always, for the love of Lilith, do not read this until after you've seen the episode (Fire In The Hole) because I am going to spoil all of the "surprises" in the episode.

Starting out with a very peaceful yoga class was really nice. And then they showed Sarah Newlin. Sigh. Jason Stackhouse, why didn't you just kill her when you had the chance last season? 

Meanwhile, as Pam tries to rally Mr. Northman, she claims to have felt Tara meet the "true death", but I'm still not believing that we've seen the last of Tara. 80's era Eric was fun, but why are we retreading the past? For an episode in the final season of a show that has so many stories that need to be tied up, they sure do seem to be wasting time on a lot of nonsense and adding even more things to be concerned about. Although, if Sarah Newlin is the cure for HIV, I mean Hep-V, then I look forward to seeing her comeuppance as she is used for her blood.

The angry mob of uneducated, slur throwing townspeople is already tiresome. While I appreciate the nod to the aftermath of Katrina and the overall feeling of a town knowing that they've been left to fend for themselves, why did the writers choose to make them such an obvious and overused stereotype? Thank goodness for Jason's wackadoo girlfriend  tearing out Boyd's mom's heart. ( I don't remember her name and I just don't care anymore.) That woman should have died seasons ago.

Alright, let's get to it. Sookie is forever an idiot, so, of course she has decided to use herself as bait while Bill sits in a tree and they talk about Six Flags amusement park. What else would you be doing when everyone around you is dying? It certainly is convenient that Bill is no longer the same Bill Compton that did all of those terrible things to Sookie. You know what's even more convenient? Killing Alcide. 

What the what with how Alcide went out? I'm sorry, but are you fucking kidding me? Alcide, the werewolf who was pack leader and can take out an angry pack of wolves high on V, got taken out by one of those token townspeople?! I can't anymore with this. Where is Alan Ball when you need him? Sure, he's right up there with George R.R. Martin as far as killing off characters, but at least he does it with some fanfare and the respect that each character deserves. So far, we have lost Tara (allegedly) and Alcide and neither death was particularly shocking or in any way satisfying.  Will Jessica be next and will they explain why she was unable to heal her gunshot wound? Will Arlene ever make it out of that stupid basement? Why doesn't Adilyn just point her fairy fireworks at everyone and just get this over with?