The Horror Honeys: Saturday Comics Jam - 'You Don't Want Me Around'

Saturday Comics Jam - 'You Don't Want Me Around'

Take care and tread lightly
cause you just can’t handle me
Cast my spell and mesmerize
I take no prisoner

Gonna tear you up
Gonna hunt you down
You don’t want me around
Bring you down to your knees
down to your knees

Have you ever had one of those songs that you absolutely fall in love with...and yet when you go to google the band, it doesn’t exist? That was the madness I was going through while trying to find the lyrics of this song! As in I had to type down these lyrics BY EAR!

“You Don’t Want Me Around” came from the trailer for Nurse 3D that was released last year. While the trailer looked rather silly (and not to mention a god-awful script), it was this song that got my attention, its hard rock riffs and sweet sultry voice dripping with vengeance. I had to figure out who made this song and if they had any other singles for me to check out.

Sadly to my disappointment, I couldn’t find The Federals or Rachael Kime anywhere, with my search leading to a music producing business. This song was most likely composed for the film itself. ~CH