The Horror Honeys: Murder Monday Jam - 'Evil'

Murder Monday Jam - 'Evil'

Oh heaven restores you in life
I spent a lifespan with no cellmate
The long way back
Saying, "Hey, why can't we look the other way?"
You're weightless, semi-erotic
You need someone to take you there
Saying, "Hey, why can't we look the other way?"
Why can't we just play the other game?
Why can't we just look the other way?

That couple looks really sweet, right? Kind of English and probably pretty boring, yeah? Yeah... no. That's Fred and Rosemary West, two of the most notorious serial killers in England's history. Rosemary was a prostitute who serviced all of the neighborhood fellas... and her schizophrenic father. Together Fred and Rosemary would pick up girls at the bus stop, bring them home, sexually assault them for days, and then kill them. They did this together to 10 girls, while Fred was responsible for 12 murders on his own. When they were finally caught and convicted, Fred committed suicide in prison by hanging himself. Rosemary was convicted to life imprisonment and remains in custody to this day.

The point of all this? Indie-alt-rock band Interpol wrote a song about Rosemary West. I have no fucking idea why. But it's catchy and it played on the radio incessantly and made them quite famous, so yay? ~RH