The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Review ~ The Strain: S1 Ep 3 "Gone Smooth"

Horror TV Review ~ The Strain: S1 Ep 3 "Gone Smooth"

A Horror TV Honey Review by Lisa

I have a theory on The Strain. It's the new The Walking Dead in the sense that it is being viewed by lovers and haters in equal measure. I really want to love this show, but I am currently at an "I don't hate it level" after this third episode and I am definitely in the "negative live Tweeting category." For now.

I did really enjoy seeing the Nictitating Membrane Nazi put himself together. Talk about having to put your face on, huh ladies? (I'll be at the local comedy club every night this week.)

The title of the episode makes sense now... 
As we watch our first survivor investigate his rapidly onsetting physical side effects, the tone of this weeks episode is set; complete disinterest in your tongue forking and your genitals falling off. I suppose the worms alleviate the panic that most people would feel if they woke up with red eyes, but it really takes you out of the moment. Initially, it's really cool to see what's happening, but then you're thinking, "go to the hospital, dude!"

I have not read the novels that this show is based on which puts me at a disadvantage with the exterminator. Clearly, he is going to factor into this in, what seems to be, a major way, but until that happens his bits seems superfluous. You know, like the bits involving Eph and his custody battle. Yawn. I din't need Eph's super emotionally intelligent son to give him his blessing to become 100% involved in the impending blood worm outbreak. You already made it clear in the first episode that Eph pays way too much attention to his job. That's why he is the guy who is going to take care of business. While we're on this train of thought, let's not overlook our Goonie's predictable story line of being the guy who sold out the world in order to save his dying wife. Nope. Never seen this before.

I am really excited to see how Abraham's involvement is going to be played out. This guy is tough and I am absolutely giddy over seeing what kind of damage he will be doing with that cane of his. I do hope that in the future he will stop being so cryptic with his knowledge, though. I haven't forgotten about that eclipse that was heavily advertised in the first episode and I can only assume it will play into all of this so, let's not be so frugal with all of our information, huh?

Overall, this episode was an improvement in the sense that it had some positive forward movement of the narrative and it was kind of gross, which was great. I loved how apathetic the magician was over his genitals falling into the toilet and the full frontal shot was great. Finally getting to see Jim, Nora and Eph confront what they are dealing with was awesome. That forked tongue is something else. These tongues may be my new favorite character and I feel as though I've been waiting 6 episodes, not 3, to see Corey Stoll kick ass, but it was well worth it. Seeing Eph with that fire extinguisher was almost perfect; if only I wasn't watching to make sure his wig didn't fall off from all of that physical exertion. 

While I am still not totally sold on this show yet, I am now officially optimistic about the future of the upcoming episodes.