The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Review ~ The Strain: S1 Ep 2 "The Box"

Horror TV Review ~ The Strain: S1 Ep 2 "The Box"

A Horror TV Honey Episode Review by Lisa

The Strain

Picking up right where we left off last week, we have Gus transporting the coffin and NOT observing the three rules of transporting, and we have a real mess on the floor that used to be named Dr. Bishop. O.K., seriously, you cannot kill characters with names like Peter Bishop before he has the chance to live up to his super obvious name. What the what The Strain? Also, what is Sean Astin doing in this besides being wasted in the background?

Meanwhile, back at the Stoneheart Group with their uber cool Lament Configuration looking elevator doors, weird vampire Nazi tells old dude that he will soon get to meet The Master. I, too, would like to meet The Master because this is already getting old. So far, the only thing I find interesting about old dude is his super cool high rise; it reminds me of Oldboy. Always the busy, little bee, creepy Nazi goes to visit everyone's new favorite concentration camp survivor in jail only to taunt him by referring to him only by his number, speaking of a deceased loved one and dropping an interesting nugget of information. "It's good that you are in here. It is the only place you can feel safe. Safer than the streets will be very soon." I am really looking forward to seeing Abraham dole out some justice with that sword of his.

The "character development" on this episode felt clunky and all over the place. So, Eph is a recovering alcoholic and he's trying to be a stand up guy despite the fact that his wife has moved another guy into the house that he is still paying for. I want to like Eph because, well, because he's Corey Stoll and it's kind of important to like your main character, but I'm not really feeling it yet. I enjoy seeing his relationship with his son, but the girlfriend is unnecessary and does nothing to endear me to him. Oh, and why was Diane being so bitchy with him? (She's probably as cranky about that hairpiece as I am.)

I am completely gobsmacked that the poor French guy really seemed to have no clue that his daughter did not return to him the way that she left him. However, I did enjoy seeing what came out of her and attacked him. I was also a big fan of the worms. I liked seeing them respond to the drop of blood Eph held over them and I really enjoyed seeing them moving around under the pilot's skin. Very creepy, very gross and very effective.

After all of the information that was shoved down our throats last week, this second episode felt a little slow and anticlimactic. There are some really great ideas here and I really do hope to see them play out in an engaging manner, but right now I'm just not feeling the overwhelming love for The Strain that others are feeling. Give me more Regina King, more action, more gore and more Neil Diamond and then we will really have something amazing happening.