The Horror Honeys: Horror TV Jam - 'Too Much Information'

Horror TV Jam - 'Too Much Information'

Duran Duran ~ Too Much Information

Hey, TV child look into my eyes,
Here by intervention, I want your attention
Promotion boy in a suit and tie, he wants you to use it
You're too shot to lose it, it's pumping down the cable like never so before
A Cola manufacturer is sponsoring the war
Here comes the news with love from me to you

You didn't actually think that my very first Honey Jam wouldn't be Duran Duran, did you?
Released on The Wedding Album in 1993, this is a super fun, energetic song that always makes me think of one of my favorite movie lines. We're all a bunch of TV babies and we do just about anything that stupid box tells us to. Preach Simon, preach! ~HTH