The Horror Honeys: Gamer Honey's Favorite Horror Game Cosplays!

Gamer Honey's Favorite Horror Game Cosplays!

A Favorites Collection by Kaley

Cosplay is a huge passion of mine. Not only do I love sewing and crafting costumes based on fandoms I enjoy, but also the work others put in to bringing their favourite characters alive. Being a huge fan of both gaming and horror I do love a cosplay that can embody both of those things; however it can be quite hard to find cosplayers that match this. So I stalked the great world wide web to put together my top favourite cosplays that fit this very particular niche for your viewing pleasure! 

Phillipe Lauby as Wesker from Resident Evil.
Photo by: Mitsuyo Akuma

Sola as Kei Amakura from Fatal Frame III.
Photo by: g4ron 

Shiiva as Ellie from The Last of Us.
Photo by: Amanda Say

Sophie Letyago as Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite.
Photo by: Andy Shinkarchuk

Shattered Stitch as a Little Sister from Bioshock.
Photo by: CONography 

Anna Ormeli as Alice from Alice: Madness Returns.
Photo by: Unknown

Cutey Kitty as Harley Quinn from Batman: Arkham Asylum.
Photo by: FZ Photography 

Umbrella Corp. West Coast Operations as Umbrella Corp from Resident Evil.

Aja Doll as a Doll from Silent Hill: Downpour.
Photo by: Mike Rollerson 

Oshley & Kayla Rose as Fem Pyramid Head & Nurse from Silent Hill.
Photo by: The Will Box 

Do you have a cosplay based on a horror related game? 
Send me photos, relevant links, and a short snippet at and they could be featured in the future!