The Horror Honeys: DIG, DEVISE, DOMINATE


A Gamer Honey Nostalgic Review

Dungeon Keeper (1997)

EA games recently came under fire in the last few months with their newest Dungeon Keeper app for Android and iOS. Lovers of the original series were angered when they were hit with extreme pay gates when playing the app. While most free-to-play games have loads of micro-transactions to entice the players to break out those credit cards in exchange for faster play or fancy add-ons, EA's Dungeon Keeper almost literally ground to a halt if you weren't quick to whip out the plastic.

Drama absolutely exploded soon after release. Then suddenly Dungeon Keeper was free on; whether this was an apology or a diversion tactic I have no idea, but that didn't stop me from grabbing a copy and taking a walk down memory lane with this classic!

Gameplay: The premise is simple: You are the bad guy. You're the big bad Devil underground building dungeons to entice and snare those goody-two-shoe Knights and... well, kill them! Use your imps to carve your mark in the stones and create traps, torture rooms, treasuries, and basic amenities used house your dark army. On screen you are represented by a hand; you can drag your minions to where you need them, and even give them a quick slap if they're not doing your biding fast enough. 

Graphics: This game came out in '97 and I still love the graphics. The opening scene is still one of my favorties; nothing beats a good death scene! Your maps and dungeons are fully 3D and you can easily zoom and turn the camera to see everything that lays before you. While you're moving about your dungeon you can even posses one of your minions. Their eyes are your eyes and I found myself still loving the textures.

Difficulty: It's hard being this evil. Ah, no it's not! Dungeon Keeper isn't a particularly difficult game. Of course as each level progresses those pesky Heroes get tougher, but you're not going to let some pansy Princess lovers get one up on you; are you?

It's been nearly 17 years since Bullfrog Productions came out with Dungeon Keeper and to this day it's still one of my top 10 games. If you haven't played it then I have to ask “why not??” Stop being the chivalrous white-Knight for once. Put up a “no good guys allowed” sign on your door and get your minions digging!

Gamer Honey's hearts remaining: 5/5
It's good to be bad.