The Horror Honeys: 6/6/6 with Cassandra Sechler

6/6/6 with Cassandra Sechler

A Guest Honey Interview by Tonjia Atomic

1. Tell us a little about Dreams for Dead Cats.

Dreams For Dead Cats Productions is a DIY collaborative run by fellow SF artist/musician Craig Jacobson and myself. Since 2009 we’ve been working on making our morbid visions a reality, focusing on short films, music videos, multimedia projects, and curating film festivals/screenings. We bring everything we know to the table in DIY production: spfx, makeup, music, editing, sound design, set and prop construction, costume design, you name it. Our mission is to create art on a no to low budget scale and help out others in the same boat. For us, it’s about the art and making a vision come to fruition and having that vision seen or heard by an appropriate audience.

More on DDCP:

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2. What album or song(s) is the current soundtrack of your life?

Goblin is a listening staple of mine, all albums, all the time. The Escape From NY soundtrack is big in my subconscious currently, as is My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless, and the Tangerine Dream Virgin Years Collection. The Cramps always pop into my head as does Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, and random 80’s metal. It’s a mixed bag.

My top ten go to songs on my ipod right now (in no particular order) are--AND no shame here:

Karussell- Flammende Herzen
Head On- Jesus & Mary Chain
Mortal Kombat Theme Song
Slave to Love- Bryan Ferry
Another Green World-Brian Eno
Help I’m Alive- Metric
Fly on the Windscreen- Depeche Mode
Cherry Coloured Funk- Cocteau Twins
Thursday- Asobi Seksu
Everybody Wants You- KC & the Sunshine Band

3. Your films tell the story with the visuals. What are some influences for your style?

German Expressionism and Surrealism have had a huge impact on myself as an artist. I specifically adore the works of Francis Bacon, Maya Deren, and Salvador Dali. Classic horror and science fiction (in films and literature) have also fed into my desire and inspiration to tell a story: David Cronenberg, Aldous Huxley, John Carpenter, George Orwell, H.P. Lovecraft to name a few. I am sure that seeing The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Frankenstein as a child had something to do with my influences as well, upon countless other films!

With much of my film art, my own personal philosophies, existential dilemmas, fantasies, dreams, and nightmares also inspire my works. Specifically regarding my short films, I strive to reveal a concept and tell a visceral story with music and images; I want the viewer to have an experience and truly FEEL something rather than be spoon-fed a traditional narrative. I try to guide the viewer subconsciously to a dark, beautiful place that I believe exists in us all and share a forced confrontation of inner struggles and evils of sorts. 

For example, Wireboy (2013), my last short, deals with personal feelings and thoughts on technology, the future, online romance, fantasies, nightmares, and the masks we wear as our second selves. 

4. Your hair is fabulous. What different colors has it been and what is your favorite?

Thank you! I have dyed my hair many colors over the years, even brown, strawberry blonde, platinum blonde, black (blue-black, but black nonetheless)! My hair has been various shades of red (originally inspired by Angela in My So Called Life back when my mom first let me dye my hair in the 90’s), multi-colored, various shades of blue and purple, various shades of pink, turquoise, yellow, orange, and green. Manic Panic “Midnight Blue” is by far my absolute favorite!

5. You are very involved in the set decor and props of your films. What is the grandest scale that they have ever been?

Actually, the grandest scale I have worked on is my current project, Craig Jacobson’s film Elliot. This project is one of excitement, passion, and learning experiences, being that it is the most elaborate with set, makeup, and costume design. AND it is our first feature film here at Dreams For Dead Cats!

In Elliot, we have to create a nightmarish vision of cyberspace, the mind, and one’s own subconscious. Normally, we are able to build/store our props/set pieces as well as shoot our films in our small apartment or a friend’s house, but this time, Craig had to rent a local studio/gallery space (Merchants of Reality) to be able to shoot as well as build/store the set pieces which are mainly elaborate theatre flats. As for makeup and spfx, I am entering new territory, getting to create guts, ooze, full body paint, a latex body suit, and soon tentacles for a wild stop motion scene! So it is quite elaborate and exciting! 

Elliot on Facebook

6. Where do you get a lot of your props, set, wardrobe pieces?

At Dreams For Dead Cats Productions, we make from scratch most of our wardrobe using materials from thrift and fabric stores, altering pieces to gain a desired effect. With props we often go scouring at thrift stores, garage sales, craigslist, scrap stores, sometimes I email friends, barter/trade with folks, check out dumpsters, etc. In SF we are lucky, people often leave cool things out on the corner, which can often be helpful! Items such as chicken wire, paper mache, clay, wood, paint, cardboard, hot glue, tissue, foam core, latex, trash bags, misc packaging, fabric, and other found misc. materials are our best friends in constructing our own props, sets, and costumes!

7. Name your 6 top movies from the 80s

Wow, this is tough--I LOVE 80’s movies! Okay, without thinking toooo hard… Here are the top 6 that come to mind, all great in different ways:

Evil Dead
Better Off Dead
Liquid Sky
Blue Velvet

8. Name 6 things about an upcoming project.

  • It is a feature film called Blue Noon.
  • It is an erotic horror anthology, currently involving five different directors: Scott Barley, Salem Kapsaski, Christopher Marsh, Jesse Richards, and myself, Cassandra Sechler.
  • The main character is modeled after a succubus/rusalka.
  • My segment features Lynn Lowry, Morrigan Hel, Eileen Daly, Sophia Disgrace, Gypsy Lee Pistolero, Nathan Head, Theodore Bouloukos, Rahel Kapsaski, Morganna Bramah, with more talent TBA!
  • It is inspired by 70s/80s cult horror films, specifically those directed by Jesus Franco and Jean Rollin!
  • It is currently in pre-production.