The Horror Honeys: WHERE MY NERDS AT?!: HeroesCon 2014

WHERE MY NERDS AT?!: HeroesCon 2014

A Revenge Honey Convention Diary!

Lovers of comic books and graphic novels have had to face a sad reality in recent years: most comic book conventions are just not about comics anymore. The most famous convention in the world, San Diego ComicCon, has become an excuse for big name studios to shill their films, whether or not they have anything to do with comics, hoping to gain some positive word of mouth from geek culture. True collectors have had to seek their fix elsewhere, and one of the most popular American conventions is HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC (hosted by Heroes Aren't Hard to Find comics). This is my third year attending HeroesCon, and while I didn't do my normal level of "BUY ALL THE THINGS" shopping, I think it was my favorite experience yet.

Cosplay is always a big part of HeroesCon, and though I am not big on spending 12 hours in a unitard, I truly love checking out other people's commitment to the craft. This year, I was blown away by some of the cosplay (though seriously... what was with all the Deadpools? I saw a Deadpool on vaction, complete with board shorts.) These are some of my favorites! *All from the Heroes FB page...

Seriously. Double snuggles for creativity, guys.


A pretty awesome Ash right there!

I love when ladies rep the supporting characters.
Rock on, Agent Carter.

Meep meep, meep meep meep meep meep meep
(Yeah, I went Spaceballs. Bite me).

After a wee bit of roaming, it was straight to panels! First up, I attended the panel of Eisner-winning comic writer Mark Waid, known for his extremely popular runs on Superman, The Flash, Daredevil, Captain America, and one of my personal favorite DC titles, Kingdom Come. Waid is also known for his series Empire, which was recently revived through his website, If you haven't been to thrillbent, now is the time to check it out. Started by Waid and a host of other comic writers and artists, thrillbent is a digital comic subscription service similar to Netflix, in that you pay a flat fee and have access to the entire digital library. For those that don't mind digital versus hard copy, the service is fantastic. It was really interesting getting to hear Waid talk about his passion project, as well as his varied history working for most of the major comic publishers!

Rachel Deering
Vanesa Del Ray
Next up was the panel I was most excited about (of course): Horror Comics! This panel featured Matt Roberts (Manifest Destiny), Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), Rafael Albuquerque (American Vampire), Vanesa Del Ray (Hit), and Rachel Deering (Anathema). It was fascinating to hear these writers and artists talk about the inspiration behind their work, but I was especially excited to hear from Deering and Del Ray. Both are well-known in the comic industry, and have created some of the most exceptional work in horror comics in recent years. I'm not even embarrassed to say my hands were shaking a little when I went up to talk to them after the panel. Not only was the panel great, but I have some new titles to add to my ever-growing list of reads! (Tweet at me if you want all the inside info).

Sweet lord, SAVE THE CHILDREN! I mean... 18-year-olds.
My last panel of the day was on the subject of comics and censorship, and I was not expecting this one to hit so close to home. Proving once again why South Carolina is the WRONG Carolina (sorrynotsorry), there was a recent uproar at the College of Charleston when the school almost lost funding for a reading program because of the professor's choice to have their students read Fun Home, Alison Bechdel's graphic novel memoir. South Carolina Rep. Gary Smith proposed cutting the exact amount of the reading program from the schools budget in an attempt to infantilize college freshmen and protect them from the dangerous world of the LGBT community. Eventually the cuts were reversed, under the caveat that professors spend the exact same amount of money teaching the American Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Federalist Papers as they do on "objectionable" materials: only a touch of irony there given that whole free speech thing, and equal protection under the law stuff... but whatevs. (LAW DEGREE RAGE BRAIN EXPLODE SAVE ME FROM THE SOUTH PLEASE!)

Fun (not really) Note: On July 1st, the College of Charleston's new president will be Glenn McConnell, a Neo-Confederate and Civil War re-enactor, who promises to get liberal professors in line next year.

College of Charleston students protesting their new prez...
Because he dresses up and pretends slavery rocks.

So even in 2014, comics and the battle for free speech are still inextricably intertwined. It makes my heart hurt. I'm not going to lie.

But, moving on from the awful, the rest of the day was spent tracking down signatures from my favorites artists (including a ton for my special edition Serenity), meeting awesome authors, and chatting with other collectors and podcasters! My dear friend's daughter even won the drawing contest in her age group, which was probably the highlight of the day.

Julianna, a badass little Honey in training!

Overall, it really was an amazing day at HeroesCon! Next year, I'll have to plan my schedule so I can stay all weekend! However, as always, this Convention Diary must be ended with a service announcement:

Revenge Honey "You're a Frigging Bonehead" Bone of Contention: Okay, so comic book artists and writers are not celebrities on par with movie stars and musicians. But when you are going to a panel fronted by two of the biggest comic stars currently working (who also happen to be two of my favorite people ever), and you plan on asking a question, do some motherfucking research before you start shooting your mouth off. For example, maybe don't ask, "HEY! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CRAFT BEER?" to two people with well-documented and oft-discussed drug and alcohol issues. Because, that my boneheaded friend, is how to bring down a frigging room.

See you next year, HeroesCon!!!