The Horror Honeys: Video Killed the Radio Star - Murderous Music Videos

Video Killed the Radio Star - Murderous Music Videos

A Slasher Honey Collection

As a true child of the 90s, I grew up glued to the TV during the golden age of music... fuck the 80s. The 90s were where it was at.  Back when MTV and MuchMusic were really just about the music. But it wasn't just about the music, no... it was about the VIDEOS and I was HOOKED.  That little slice of videography magic, uniting artist, voice, wardrobe, art direction... all for a song... a mini movie that made even the most trite song tell a meaningful story... or an utterly fucked up one.

As a teacher at a makeup school, I made my students watch music videos to understand the relationship of makeup, fashion and music in the video format.  As Slasher Honey, I'm looking for something more... interesting.

Presented for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order, Slasher Honey's favourite music videos featuring an unexpected death, or a murder most foul.
Rammstein - Rosenrot 

Now, let's be honest here... I'm a HUGE Rammstein fan... I could fill this entire list with Rammstein videos or just random photos of Till and post it unashamedly.  BUT, I love Rosenrot for special reasons.  The translation of the song (an excerpt below) is based on Grimm's Faerytales... not the pretty happy ones we were brought up with, but the real angry, sad and horrifying originals.

The video follows the ill fated travels of a group of monks making their holy rounds in the smaller mountain villages rooting out evil and flagellating themselves in the woods (it's a religious thing, get your mind out of the trash). One of the party falls prey to the whiles of the lovely "RoseRed."  Like any lovestruck swain, our poor priest will do anything to get a glimpse of Rosie's bosoms, things that get him burnt alive while she grins like the little wolf she is.  I love that girl.

A girl saw a little rose

It bloomed there in bright heights

She asked her sweetheart

if he could fetch it for her

She wants it and that's fine

So it was and so it will always be

She wants it and that's the custom

Whatever she wants she gets

Deep wells must be dug

if you want clear water

Rose-red, oh Rose-red

Deep waters don't run still

The boy climbs the mountain in torment

He doesn't really care about the view

Only the little rose is on his mind

He brings it to his sweetheart

Pearl Jam - Jeremy

"An affluent suburb...bored....ignored..."

A song about neglect, revenge, and suburban youth... way back in 1991, this video made me never want children.  I knew a lot of kids named Jeremy back in the early 90's... and a lot of them had similar mushroom haircuts... remember when those were popular?  The song, and video were based on a true story of a suburban highschool student; ignored by parents, incessantly taunted by classmates; shot himself in front of them one day at school.  "Jeremy spoke in class today..."  Jeremy spoke with a gun, and punished everyone.

The reason I love this video?  The final scene of a classroom frozen in shock...covered in red paint splatters...

Lady Gaga - Paparazzi

There is so much to love about Gaga... her theatricality, her musicality, her obvious talent for marketing, and amazing connection to her fans.  Gaga is also a magnificently twisted woman... several of Gaga's videos feature a murder of some kind... Paparazzi has multiple deaths... her own glamorous death at the beginning of the video, flashes here and there of a several dead models (one in a bathtub, one hung with perfect makeup unsullied, a pool of molten gold "blood"... gorgeous), ending with the final murder of the skeezy boyfriend...

I love you Gaga.  I love you so hard.

Lady Gaga - Telephone

As a followup video to Paparazzi, Gaga's duet with Beyonce, Telephone, is also on this list.  Aside from being a shamefully danceable tune, the video is awesome in it's own right.  Landing in jail after the murder of her boyfriend in Paparazzi, Gaga's jail bait fashion show never ends (not that I'm complaining, I want a spiked bra and panty set too...) and neither does the dance party.  Bailed out by Queen B, they go on a murderous joy ride complete with horrifyingly cheezy and Tarantino-esque dialogue and then have a pants off dance off in the sea of corpses.  Luscious.    

"I knew you'd take all my honey, you selfish motherfucker..."  I'd have killed him too.

Bush - Greedy Fly

Back in 1996, I was in love with Gavin Rossdale and dark music videos.  Greedy Fly is dark, brutal, and features not only a murder... but a supernatural murder.  Angel murder to be exact.  There are wings being ripped, blood being sprayed, Gavin covered in goo, tortured wailing, a decent baseline, and a dude hatching out of an egg like a son of Zeus.  I love this video... and I'm still in love with Gavin Rossdale.

Madonna - What it Feels Like for a Girl

A quiet girl power anthem/protest statement, Madonna, a video directed by Guy Ritchie... pretty much a recipe for something messed up.  In this video, Madge takes Nanna on a crime and robbery spree; blowing up gas stations, stealing cars, and tasering fat men for their cash withdrawals.  It's all fun and games until someone rams their Firebird headfirst at top speed into a pole.  Pole: 1, Guy Ritchie: 1.

Christina Aguilera - Your Body

Ok, I will straight up admit that I reeeeally don't like Christina Aguilera... but for some eldergodforsaken reason I CAN'T STOP WATCHING HER VIDEOS.  Your Body might be one of my favourites (second only to Dirrrty but don't tell anyone).  First of all, murder.  Murder Murder Murder.  Murdering boys after seducing and toying with them?  Oh yeah, that's a winner.  Also, it's bubblegum murder... no blood, just pastel coloured paint, pink fire, and GLITTER.  And ladies, we ALL know how hard it is to wash glitter off your hands... it just has a way of getting everywhere... amirite?

Did I miss your favourite murder video??  Tell me!