The Horror Honeys: Sci-Fi Saturday Jam - 'Planet Health'

Sci-Fi Saturday Jam - 'Planet Health'

I was trained in diversity
In the garden of puberty
Where they Heimlich maneuvered me
And they showed me how to make a baby
I found my friends in the forest of loves
Where we just said no to drugs
Our intercourse was well protected
We made love with each others' eyes
We're feeling great tonight

So what is this song by indie rock band Chairlift about? Um... I really don't know. I guess it's a planet that is pretty much your 5th grade sex ed class all the time? I don't really see how that would make ME feel great though. I learned sex education from a 19-year-old science center volunteer who kept giggling every time he had to say vagina and penis. Maybe that's why I giggle every time I say penis! REVELATION! Who needs therapy when you have the Horror Honeys? Anyway... enjoy tonight's Honey Jam! ~RH