The Horror Honeys: Just Trying to Keep the Boulder in Front of My Love Cave!

Just Trying to Keep the Boulder in Front of My Love Cave!

A Revenge Honey Love Letter

Strangers with Candy (1999-2000)

“I did things I wouldn't force on a mule, and that includes things I forced on a mule.”

Is it normal to grow up idolizing a former junkie whore with a middle-school education who lives with her parents? Probably not. But hey! That’s why I’m a Horror Honey!

Okay, technically, Strangers with Candy may not be considered horror. But any fan of show knows that it had more than its share of moments that were unsettling as fuck. In fact, all through high school, no matter what horror movie I may have been watching, my father would walk through the living room without comment. But EVERY time I watched Strangers, my dad would stop dead in his tracks and say, "What the hell are you watching?" THAT is the mark of an awesome TV show.

Strangers, which aired on Comedy Central for three seasons (sort of), told the story of Jerri Blank. Jerri was, "a boozer, a user, and a loser." Or in other words, a 46-year-old high school freshman. Taking on the tone of an after-school special, Strangers featured inspired performances from Amy Sedaris as Jerri, Stephen Colbert as her closeted gay teacher Chuck Noblet, and Paul Dinello as Noblet's lover and the art teacher, Geoffrey Jellineck. Sedaris, Colbert, and Dinello also wrote the show and their sick senses of humor carry over brilliantly in every fantastic episode.

Nary an episode of this show could go by without at least one minority group ending up offended. For example:

"Dear Diary, I'm sorry for all those hateful racist things I said about you. Everything's changed; I'm in love... something you would never understand you dirty, dirty, dirty Jew diary. Just kidding, just kidding. Jerri Blank."

But the show's absolute "yeah, you're offended and we don't give a crap" attitude was part of its charm. The middle finger to political correctness of Strangers pre-dated much of what we have on TV now in animated form, which is probably why it didn't take at the time. (Thank goodness it lives on in DVD form... and a film that was just OK but better than nothing.)

Where however, you may ask, did the horror come in? Meet Jerri's dad!

He's not dead, so much as in a perpetual catatonic state, with a periodically changing facial expression. Basically every time he's on screen, he will startle the crap out of you.

Even if you don't believe me that Strangers with Candy has some pretty awesomely horrific elements, just watch it. It's sick and depraved enough that it might remind you of a horror film. And really, what more can you ask for? Actually, you could ask for a show LITERALLY full of #horrorhoneyproblems…

Preach on, Jerri. Preach on.