The Horror Honeys: Friday Random Jam - 'Chocolate'

Friday Random Jam - 'Chocolate'

Oh, you said we go where nobody knows, 
We've guns hidden under our petticoats
No, we're never gonna quit it, no, we're never gonna quit it, no
Yeah, we're dressed in black from head to toe,
We've got guns hidden under our petticoats
Well, I think we better go,
Seriously better go
Said the feds are here you know...

I have a secret for you, kiddies... When English band The 1975 is singing about "chocolate" in their infectiously catchy hit song, they're really talking about, wait for it... DRUGS!

I know, right? Crazy. I won't pretend I have an issue with songs written about weed. Hell, some of the best songs ever were written about the chronic! But what I adore most about this track, and the reason I can't stop listening to it, are the amazing visuals that it sends my imagination running wild with. I love picturing a bunch of badass girl gangsters with shotguns hidden underneath giant poof skirts. Chocolate may be about kicking the habit, but the lifestyle never tasted so sweet... ~RH