The Horror Honeys: Sci-Fi Saturday Jam - 'Under The Iron Sky'

Sci-Fi Saturday Jam - 'Under The Iron Sky'

Now that you have gone away
I feel so cold, why did I stay?
Remember, I'll remember your face so pale
when you left me on that gloomy day...
Time goes by, memories are mine
Still waiting for the moment I'll see you again
Times are changing, memories are fading
I'm waiting for another chance
to tell you belong to me
One day
I know we'll meet again

Under the Iron Sky

If you haven't seen the sci-fi/comedy/action flick Iron Sky yet - it's time you did. 
These four words should help you understand - Nazis on the Moon. This partially crowd-funded film project sounds utterly ridiculous, until you start watching. Sweeping camera angles, some amazing costumes and props (those motorcycles tho), a few awkward comedic moments, and the soundtrack is incredible. Composed by the Slovenian music group Laibach who describe themselves as ‘engineers of human souls,’ Iron Sky's soundtrack is a character in and of itself. Not shying away from cultural taboos and iconography, Laibach's soundtrack has appropriately epic Third Reich style - once again we're rooting for the fall of the Nazi war machine, but this time - IN SPACE. ~ HH