The Horror Honeys: Sci-Fi Saturday Jam - 'Into Your Alien Arms'

Sci-Fi Saturday Jam - 'Into Your Alien Arms'

Strangled caravan
Frustrated world-receiver
Space shuttle set down
In front of my mobile home
Where's the city plan?
Right there, undocumented
Our first encounter
Was criminally left off
I've fallen into your alien arms
I've never felt so good, so lost before

I do love a good inter-galaxy romance. And nothing says "love story" like a guy living in a trailer who falls in love with an alien that crash-lands in front of his house on wheels. I will admit, I've often wondered if this song from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is more about metaphor, and the complications of falling in love with an undocumented immigrant. But if we went that route, it wouldn't make a very good Sci-Fi Saturday Jam, now would it? So just for now, put on your tin foil hats and look to the stars, because maybe, just maybe, your next great love could be falling from the sky... ~RH