The Horror Honeys: Murder Monday Jam - 'Woman in the Wall'

Murder Monday Jam - 'Woman in the Wall'

Cry freedom for the woman in the wall 
Cry freedom for she has no voice at all 
I hear her cry all day, all night 
I hear her voice from deep within the wall 
Made a cross from knitting needles 
Made a grave from hoover bags 
Especially for the woman in the wall

This 80s pop/rock track from English band The Beautiful South is deceptively... peppy? Especially for a song about a dead wife rotting in the walls and smelling up the apartment. But I suppose if you're going to draw attention to a bummer of a murder and burial situation, you might as well do it with a bounce in your step! So, you know, listen to Woman in the Wall, and enjoy this catchy little ditty. As much as you can any song about a rotting corpse. ~RH