The Horror Honeys: Murder Monday Jam - 'Nebraska'

Murder Monday Jam - 'Nebraska'

From the town of Lincoln, Nebraska with a sawed off .410 on my lap 
Through to the badlands of Wyoming I killed everything in my path 
I can't say that I'm sorry for the things that we done 
At least for a little while sir me and her we had us some fun

This classic Springsteen track, from the album of the same name, is based on one of the most notorious true crime stories in American history. From the end of 1957 to the beginning of 1958, Charles Starkweather and his 14-year-old girlfriend Carol Ann Fugate went on a killing spree that resulted in the deaths of eleven people. While Fugate only served 17 years in prison, Charles Starkweather was executed by electric chair in Lincoln, Nebraska on June 25, 1959. Like much of Bruce Springsteen's music, Nebraska portrays a side of American life that many would like to pretend doesn't exist... ~RH