The Horror Honeys: Honey Radio - Episode 25 - DARIO ARGENTO

Honey Radio - Episode 25 - DARIO ARGENTO

Welcome to Episode 25 of Honey Radio!

In Episode 25, the Honey's trace the storied career of Italian director - DARIO ARGENTO. From humble beginning to DRACULA 3D, we've been there...ohhh we've been there.
Most importantly, the Honeys ask the question, WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO DARIO ARGENTO?
And is there ANY way to find redemption?

Join us!

Head Honey - Kat @horrorhoneys
Revenge Honey - Linnie @linnieloowho
Supernatural Honey - Suzanne @suzebee04
Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 - Katie @moonrisesister
Guest Honey - Lisa @lcfremont