The Horror Honeys: Scream Park: Death is the new attraction.

Scream Park: Death is the new attraction.

A Slasher Honey Indie Review - Kat

Scream Park (2014)

It has to be said that reviewers have it pretty easy - we sit back, removed from the creative process and we judge films, trailers, photos, everything based on how we're feeling at the time. Maybe we're horror hipsters who like our slashers to be a certain way, maybe we wanted to be filmmakers and couldn't hack it so out of jealousy we take it out on people who do make their creative dreams come true. 
Sometimes, we do it because we love movies.


More specifically, I love horror movies. Gut wrenching, goosebumpy, trauma filled horror movies that make me feel something. Indie films, big budget Hollywood releases, student films - I don't care. It just needs to make me - FEEL.

I received a copy of Scream Park just before it's DVD and VOD release date on April 22/2014.

The plot: A failing amusement park takes drastic measures to increase ticket sales.

No seriously, that's the entire plot.

What was good: The IDEA of Scream Park is good, the twisted plan of the equally twisted park owner is good.

What was very very good: The location. Although there's no real cinematography to speak of, a lot of time is spent on shots of the amusement park itself, which is great. Amusement parks are incredibly eerie, especially in the dark when they're empty and falling into disrepair. Doug Bradley is brilliant in his 5 minute cameo, and his scenes are literally the best in the film as far as editing, lighting, sound and dialogue and concerned. Nivek Ogre (Skinny Puppy) was surprisingly amazing given the limitations of his role, and he plays the villain well. One death (and only one) in particular made me smile- an ax you didn't see coming until it was too late.

What was horrid: Story development left a LOT to be desired in Scream Park. The characters were shallow, one-dimensional stereotypes - the token black guy (who dies first, of course), the slut (yes, there are boobs in this film!), the jock, the geek, the goth chick, the bubbly blonde, the missing boyfriend, the punk, and our squeaky clean final girl. I felt nothing for these characters except mild disdain and a weird sense of accomplishment as their deaths happened in a predictable sequence.

The verdict: The build-up for this film, as well as not one, but TWO successful crowd funding campaigns really had me expecting more from Scream Park than a recycled story that I know I've seen before. The possibility for more was there, as was the funding, and I feel like there was a much more interesting story waiting in the wings that just didn't get to happen.

Three "backwoods maniacs" out of Five for this boring slasher flick.