The Horror Honeys: I'm sorry, do I know you?

I'm sorry, do I know you?

A Supernatural Honey Review - by Suzanne

Forget Me Not (2009)

OK, I know said I wasn't going to watch anything recent again for a while, but I'm a glutton for punishment and a friend of mine recommended this a while ago. Although, I think his recommendation went something like, "I saw this really bad movie. You might like it." He was half right.

Forget Me Not is another group of obnoxious teens, who all look they've already finished college, fighting for their lives against a vengeful spirit. All of this brought on by a children's game. Sound familiar? Sure it does.

Sandy (Carly Schroeder) is a smart, privileged teen on the brink of graduation. Along with her brother, Eli, who apparently skipped a grade, she prepares for her future at Stamford. Sandy's friends have names like Chad, TJ, Lex and Jake and they're just as obnoxious as they sound. They have a party, get shit-faced and decide to go to the local cemetery to play "The Game." Yes, this movie is THAT unimaginative.

It works like this: One person is the ghost while everyone else hides. Whenever the ghost finds someone, they become a ghost too and help in the search. The last person not found is the big winner. In other words, hide and seek

As they get ready to play, a girl pops out from behind a gravestone, introduces herself as Angela, and asks if she can play too. None of them seem remotely phased by the fact they don't know her or that she came out of nowhere. Angela wins and as Sandy happily tells her, Angela asks her if she remembers her and then promptly falls from a cliff. No body is ever found, of course.

Sandy starts having flashbacks about playing the game as a kid with her BFF, you guessed it, Angela. Yet, somehow she never really makes the connection. Now things start getting weird. Well, for Sandy, they get weird. You just need to try and follow along, which may get tough at times.

The cast of douchebags starts to die off. Once they're dead, Sandy seems to be the only one who remembers them. Believe me, you won't remember them either. The remaining members of the group think Sandy has gone off the deep end. 

As it turns out, Angela was an orphan, befriended by Sandy when they were kids. Angela taught Sandy the game. When an accident leaves Angela in a coma, she astral projects to take revenge on Sandy by taking her friends. They continue to play the game until Sandy is the only one left.

Haven't we had enough of these "teen scream" films yet? I know I sure have, but they keep getting made. 

The whole movie is peppered with flashbacks of Sandy and Angela, which just confuse the already confusing story. They are necessary to the story, but would have been better served in one single dose.

What the movie does have going for it is pretty decent, mostly practical, effects. The ghosts look pretty creepy, but then they do that fast, shaky thing that is about as old as found footage. 

Aside from Schroeder, I'd never heard of or seen any of the other actors in the film. When I did a little digging, I discovered that the majority of them, including Schroeder, started in soaps. I guess they thought his would be the perfect vehicle to break into film. Good luck with that.

Supernatural Honey verdict: 2.5 comatose orphans out of 5