The Horror Honeys: I... uh... whatever.

I... uh... whatever.

A Revenge Honey... yeah... just. Whatever.

I watched Sick Girl (2007). Main character Izzy does the following things:

  • Makes out with her brother
  • Pisses on a nun
  • Lights a school bus full of teenage girls on fire
  • Lights a teenage girl on fire
  • Slits a teenage boy's neck
  • Talks a young boy into drowning one of his friends, then stabbing the other and breaking his neck
  • Smashes a shovel over THAT boys head, lets a rat eat his face, then breaks his arm and puts lights on him like a Christmas tree
  • Turns a severed penis into a homemade strap on and then rapes a girl with it
  • Smashes open the head of the man who has taken care of her and her brothers since they were children
  • Watches as her 11-year-old brother shoots his brains out rather than become her like her

It's basically like a Harmony Korine film without any of the technical ability. So if all of that sounds like a fun evening for you, then yeah, whatever. Don't let me stop you. Just don't try and talk to me about it.

I'll be over here, watching Disney movies and trying to self-lobotomize the portion of my brain that is stubbornly clinging to memories of this piece of shit film.

Revenge Honey Rating: I can't even be bothered. Just, don't. Or do. It's your funeral.