The Horror Honeys: Honey Jam - 'My Manic and I'

Honey Jam - 'My Manic and I'

Revenge-ish Jam!

And I'm sorry young man, I can not be your friend
I don't believe in a fairy tale end
I don't keep my head up all of the time
I find it dull when my heart meets my mind
And I hardly know you, I think I can tell
These are the reasons I think that we're ill...

Whether or not you know anything about English folk singer Laura Marling, most everyone can relate to the twisted sentiment of her song, "My Manic and I," from her album Alas I Cannot Swim. Sometimes there can be something strangely comforting about a chaotic relationship, especially when you get to play the role of the sane one. But the question posed by this gorgeous song is, in such relationships, which partner is actually sick? Bonus points for a fabulously creepy video. ~RH