The Horror Honeys: 6/6/6 with Cory J Udler

6/6/6 with Cory J Udler

6/6/6 Interviews by Tonjia Atomic

Cory J. Udler is an underground exploitation filmmaker known for his subversive "Incest Death Squad" series and "Mediatrix". Udler is also a writer for grind house legend Ted V. Mikels and has co-written his last 3 features. He has been featured in Lloyd Kaufman's "Produce Your Own Damn Movie" book, Kevin Sean Michaels' documentary "The Wild World of Ted V Mikels" and has worked for Full Moon Features.

1.You just finished production on your latest feature. How do you feel?
Like prison ass!  No, I feel tired but I'm so stoked about the new movie. We shot it in less than 3 days. I know people will hear that and immediately dismiss it, and I hope they don't. Shannon Lark is one of our stars, Kristen Casey is our lead and she totally nailed it. Full, head on commitment. It's my 5th feature, in addition I have done countless shorts over the years, so this wasn't an Andy Hardy "let's put on a show" gimmick. This was a lot of fucking work to be able to do it in 3 days, and I'm feeling it.  I love my movie "Mediatrix" and this feels like that, so I'm super happy and excited to excrete this thing on people's screens. 

2. What is the last concert you attended?
I went to Ghost in October. Front row. Bruised ribs, ugh. Ironically enough, Tom Lodewyck (IDS star) was the guy who turned me on to Ghost and he and I are going to Chicago on Saturday to see them. That band, to me for what I love, is perfect. Last concert and next concert, Ghost!

3. You're a new father. How has that effected your filmmaking process? 
It has really changed the amount of time I can put into a movie. That was a big reason for the 3 day shoot. Before her, I would take as long as I wanted on everything, the movies were my children, basically. But in 2012, after I finished IDS Rising, I said I was not doing anything for the next year. My daughter, literally, arrived out of nowhere in May, and I just fully immersed myself in being a father. It's so much work, sacrifice, it's profound. It's the most important thing ever. She's almost a year old now, walking, talking. I'm lucky enough to be a stay at home dad, so I have seen everything. It hasn't changed my movies, however. I always think people who have children and basically lose their own essence are fools. I'm still me, I'm just a more reclusive me with a grander perspective on what life is really all about. But this movie's content is just as wild, but dare I say it's more mature?  Maybe. Probably not!  Let's just say she's going to be told I'm a meter reader for the gas company, not an exploitation filmmaker.

4. What's the last movie you paid for and saw at the theatre and what did you think of it?
It was American Hustle and I loved it. I'm a huge fan of Christian Bale, have been for a long time. I love great music use in movies and this one had that in spades. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road has never been used to such effect. And Bale's hair. That is a movie on its own". 

5. You've pretty much stayed indie. Indie for life? and why or why not?
Honestly, I haven't had a choice. If someone came to me and said "here's a ton of money, make us this particular movie" I would do it. You would be foolish not to. My thing is, I don't see any money out of this. The only thing that has kept me doing it is a pure love of creating these weird little movies. Money would be wonderful, but until then I'll do everything 100% my way and 100% independent. I have had numerous distribution offers and have turned them all down. It breaks my heart to think someone else would own these little movies I have worked so hard on and I would have nothing to show for it except the ability to say "such and so distributed my movie". Not important to me. How it is, I control everything. Art, music, cons, screenings. I am the driving force behind my tiny empire.  What's great is that my entire "career" it has been all about grass roots. 5 years later people are still discovering "Incest Death Squad". Not a lot of indie and no budget guys can say that. I have been very lucky, but I have also persevered and worked very hard. 

What are your 6 favorite low/no budget films?
In no order: Blood Feast, Astro Zombies, Deranged, The Taint, Terror Firmer, BoardingHouse". 

What are 6 things about an upcoming project?
The Girl Who Played With The Dead is the one I just yesterday wrapped shooting on. 
1-it stars Shannon Lark and Lloyd Kaufman, which considering the lack of budget, is pretty amazing. 2-Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein make an appearance. 
3-We have a scene with a homemade sex doll. 
4-G Edwin Taylor is doing the poster art, a legit painting that will really command attention. 
5-We shot it in less than 3 days. 
6-This was the only movie I made on a set timeline and announced a release date before I even had the script done. 

Guest Honey, Tonjia Atomic, is a filmmaker, musician, and freelance writer. You can find out more about her at or connect at Twitter!