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The Hungry Rabbit Jumps...

A Revenge Honey Shocked as Hell Review

Seeking Justice (2011)

Okay, let's everyone just be honest here, because this is a safe place. Nowadays, when you sit down for a Nicolas Cage movie (IF you even bother doing that anymore... which you totally should), you're doing it solely because you expect it to be the most hilarious, brain-achingly insane performance you've seen since, well, since the last Nicolas Cage performance.

Sorrynotsorry, Nic. We are here because of you.
Hell, even Community did an episode where the zany community college students attended a class that's sole purpose was to determine whether Cage was a nut or a genius. The answer? Does it matter... Are you not entertained? So whether you are watching Drive Angry, Ghost Rider, or the other Ghost Rider, you are going to get some sort of crazy, manic awfulness that will either be right up your alley or send you screaming for the nearest Kenneth Branagh film.

Hamlet is right over there. Or maybe Henry V if you prefer?

So, bored in the airport and desperate for something to watch, I stumbled across a Nic Cage movie that I'd never even heard of, which is rare because I'm actually fascinated by this fellow and have watched Con Air, The Rock, and the National Treasure movies more times than I can count. (Fuck you, I love US history.)

Seeking Justice? Ooooh, good title!


Guy Pearce... YES! Can't go wrong

Harold Perrineau? Hells yeah! He rocks!

Jennifer Carpenter as anyone BUT Deb? SOLD!

Wait... wait... January Jones?


Emote! Emote! Please for the love of all that is good and decent, EMOTE!

However, after a solid ten minutes where I considered Nicolas Cage's AHHH! AHHH! AAAAAHHHHHHHH! style of acting might actually be a good foil to January Jones's .............. style, I started the film with low expectations and instead, was epically delighted to discover one of the most interesting, original, and downright fun action/revenge films I've seen in some time! Brace yourself kiddies: Nicolas Cage and January Jones are both awesome in Seeking Justice.

The Plot: After his wife is brutally raped and beaten by an unknown assailant, inner-city school teacher Will Gerard is approached by a stranger with an offer: his wife's rapist will be brought to justice, if only Will promises to do a favor for the group in the future with no questions asked. Full of rage, Will agrees and the mysterious group carries out their end of the bargain. But when it's Will's turn to make good, the favor may not be all that is seems, and the group so hell bent on justice may be more evil than they let on.

Everything about Seeking Justice was a total surprise, which was perhaps why I enjoyed it so damn much. It had all the action and drama of the classic revenge thrillers of Charles Bronson, with the interesting political leanings of a movie like Three Days of the Condor. Setting the film in New Orleans gave it a contemporary slant that almost forced you to side with the shadowy organization doling out justice, GUY PEARCE STYLE! I say almost because like any group doing something for favors, the other shoe never really drops, which gives the whole film an air of tension that I thoroughly loved.

And, as much as it shocks me to say this, I really can't say enough about the performances. In terms of the Nicolas Cage we are used to as of late, I'd say Will Gerard falls on the Nicolas Cage Performance Spectrum (copyright Horror Honeys, 2014) at a solid Category One.

Nice calm Cage-y breezes in 'Seeking Justice,' my friends.

I have seen, quite literally, every movie this man has been in (unless you count Bad Lieutenant, which I turned off), and Seeking Justice is the most restrained performance he's given since Lord of War.

The least believable part of this movie?
Nic's hairline.
The biggest revelation for me, however, was January Jones. I am more than willing to admit that I have been nothing but annoyed with her since I first saw her in Love, Actually. I've always believed that she was skating by simply by being beautiful, which worked in Mad Men, but made every other movie she's ever done irritating as hell. But in Seeking Justice, she is a straight up, gun-toting, take-no-prisoners badass and I loved it. After her attack early in the film, she refuses to remain a victim and I liked that angle on the rape/revenge story. Seeking Justice did everything right in terms of its portrayal of a sexual assault survivor, and for that, I'd like to thank its writers and director. Job well done.

Guy Pearce at a monster truck rally? Riiiiiight.
I equally love that Guy Pearce is one of those actors who will do pretty much anything, but somehow manages to avoid the flack that Nicolas Cage takes for doing the same thing. He can go from pulp action like Lockout (which rocked, if you haven't seen it) to an indie like Breathe In and no one bats an eye. Here, he is in full-tilt baddie mode as Simon, the leader of a group of individuals at all levels of society who are trying to regulate the crime in a city still rocked by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Good Guy, bad Guy, creepy-makeupped old Guy (don't pretend he didn't make your skin crawl in Prometheus), Pearce can do pretty much anything, and I adore that about him.

I'm not sure how this movie snuck under the radar with a cast like this, but honestly, it has a little something for everyone. It's violent, intense, full of action, with some interesting twists, and a great cast of characters. Even if you think you aren't willing to go down the Nicolas Cage rabbit hole, Seeking Justice is a return the Cage that we all know and loved... the one that didn't scream the last word of every sentence just to make sure everyone is awake.

I do kind of love that though. Category Five Nic Cage is a blast.

I said I love you! Don't hurt me, please!

Revenge Honey Rating: 4 out 5 Restrained Nicolas Cage's