The Horror Honeys: Revenge Honey Hits the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC!

Revenge Honey Hits the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC!

A Revenge Honey Convention Diary!

At the University Hilton in Charlotte, NC, the downstairs hallways were packed to the brim with horror fans, horror artists, and horror icons, all mingling together because frankly... the space was small and getting friendly was the only option. But spirits were high as the second day of the Mad Monster Party kicked off with multiple rooms full of the horror elite, from Elvira and Heather Langenkamp to William Shatner and Corey Feldman. Mixed in with the signing tables were artists, vendors, and more, all vying for the attention of the Revenge Honey and frankly, making her look like this all day:

But, once I was able to focus, the day was amazing! Here are a few of my Mad Monster Highlights!

Surreal Mad Monster Moments

~ Meeting one of my favorite people in the history of existence, the luminous Heather Langenkamp. She wasn't just friendly; she was funny, sweet, and took as much time with each of her fans as they wanted. I was thrilled that she was as delightful as I'd hoped.

Just as beautiful as she was in 1984!

~ As a flawless Sid Haig as Uncle Sam-costumed attendee enjoyed the attention he was a getting from fellow horror-lovers, a far less conspicuous actual Sig Haig pushed through the crowd and said, "Man, these damn hallways are crowded." Almost no one seemed to notice.

~ Barry Bostwick walked back and forth past my friend and I no less than four times carrying a chicken caesar salad. When I finally summoned up the courage to ask why he had raped his daughter-in-law, Mellie Grant, on Scandal, he finally seemed to figure where it was he was going and disappeared. Damn it! Now I'll never know.

~ Getting called a "cutie" by Henry Winkler, and let me tell you kiddies, the Fonz is still a charming son of a bitch. He could jump my shark any day. (Does that work? I think it does.)

Revenge Honey buddy Kevin, the Fonz, and me.
He squished me. I swooned

The Panel

Since I was only there on Saturday, I was only able to attend one panel... but it was the perfect one. The subject was The Twilight Zone and in attendance were Anne Serling (daughter of Rod, there to discuss her book, As I Knew Him: My Dad, Rod Serling), Richard Kiel (Moonraker, The Spy Who Loved Me) and William Shatner (the Priceline Commercials, that cover of Rocketman... just kidding!) It was so much fun not only to hear so many great stories about The Twilight Zone, its creation, and its lasting historical significance, but also to hear about Rod Serling from his daughter's point of few. Having watched the The Twilight Zone as a little girl and having spent so much time enamored with Serling as my guide through the many levels of fear, it was wonderful to hear stories about what he was like as a father and a friend.

Also, Bill Shatner is a frigging trip.

The Vendors

I've been to many conventions, but this was easily the most fun I've ever had talking with and meeting local vendors. I stocked up on SO many pieces of awesome horror memorabilia (that I'll share pictures of below), but first I wanted to introduce you to some of the creepy, creative, and just plain cool people I met at the Mad Monster Party!

Sean McGuinness a.k.a That Godzilla Guy

Sean is a graphic artist and digital photographer that inserts the great lizard overlord Godzilla into pieces of classic art, news stories, and more. I chose to purchase a print of Godzilla versus Miss Saigon, because it combined two of my favorite things: musical theatre and GOJIRA! You can find out more about Sean by clicking the link above or finding him on Facebook at!

The Little Leviathan 

Basically, this shop is my heaven and I haven't even been there yet. Located in Raleigh, NC, The Little Leviathan is an antiquarian book store and collection of the arcane. Their shop features everything from taxidermy mouse art to a hardbound, 1st edition of H.R. Giger's Biomechanics that I would probably gut punch someone for. You can find The Little Leviathan on Instagram, Facebook, the above link, or like me, on your next visit to Raleigh!

The Succubus Sorority

Made up of fire dancers, go-go and belly dancers, burlesque and fetish performers, and circus sideshows, The Succubus Sorority is North Carolina's most versatile performance troupe. Managed by Violet Arcane, this badass group of ladies have to be seen to be believed! You can click the link above to visit their website, or check out their Facebook page.

Don't even pretend that isn't
the best thing you've ever seen.
Barry Crawford, a.k.a The Clay Guy!

Mr. Crawford is responsible for the crown jewel of my Mad Monster Party acquisitions, my clay recreation of Angela in the final scene of Sleepaway Camp! However, if you have a favorite horror character, chances are The Clay Guy can make it for you. From Zelda in Pet Semetary to Ilsa from She Wolf of the SS, there isn't much that Crawford hasn't crafted! Click the link to find your favorite.

You should also check out 5th Dimension Films, from whom I bought some awesome, hard to find (NOT badly dubbed) Italian horror films, and Diamond Star Halo, who makes some of the most beautiful gothic jewelry I have ever seen. The mixed metal Siren earrings are probably my favorite!

And, because no real convention trip is complete without a trip to your local comic shop, I stopped by Charlotte mainstay, Heroes Aren't Hard to Find, to pick up Issue 1 of the new Serenity comic series. Support your local comic shop kiddies! Nothing beats the feel of a fresh new comic between your fingers.

Found her!
Coming for you next, Cherry...

My Sally POP! Because she's always
been kind of my idol.
Finally have my own Edward!
Now if he'd only carve an ice sculpture for me!