The Horror Honeys: Monday Honey Jam - 'Give It Up'

Monday Honey Jam - 'Give It Up'

I'll give it up, yes sweet honey you win
Oh, I wanna give in to temptation
A fire's burning underneath my skin
That tells me to stop the hesitation

By this point, everyone knows that I'd (and a handful of other Horror Honeys for that matter) give my left boob for five minutes alone in a dark alley with a Fright Night era Chris Sarandon. Hell, I'd give my right one for three minutes with him now. But anyone who argues that the club scene in Tom Holland's Fright Night is NOT one of the sexiest moments from a vampire movie ever, well... then we have nothing to talk about. Part of that is thanks to club jam "Give It Up" by Evelyn "Champagne" King. So enjoy the song, and if you have a private moment while thinking about Chris Sarandon and listening to it... That is DEFINITELY not what I was doing a few minutes ago. ~RH