The Horror Honeys: Monday Honey Jam - 'Dangerous Nan McGrew'

Monday Honey Jam - 'Dangerous Nan McGrew'

Oh, I've been a bad girl all my life.
I pick my teeth with a carving knife,
And I make a widow of a wife.
'Cause I'm dangerous Nan McGrew.

Why, I slapped Jack Dempsey in the face
And I make barbed wire look like lace
And I throw myself right out of place
'Cause I'm dangerous Nan McGrew.

Popular from 1921 through to 1950, Helen Kane was the original inspiration for Betty Boop - both in appearance, unique voice and performance style!  While that would NEVER fly today, poor Helen lost a lawsuit against the creators of Betty Boop in 1932, but that didn't stop her from recording and performing. Dangerous Nan McGrew is a song from a 1930 film with the same title, and we can't deny this badass babe a place in our Honey Jams!  "I'm so bad I scare myself!" #vintagehorrorhoneyproblems