The Horror Honeys: Gamer Honey's Horror Game Trailer of the Week!

Gamer Honey's Horror Game Trailer of the Week!

Name: The Order: 1886

Action-adventure, third-person shooter

Platform: PS4
Developers: Ready at Down and SCE Santa Monica Studio
Publishers: Sony Computer Entertainment

Why it's fucking scary: In an alternative timeline, people of London in 1886 find themselves nearing a martial law. A war has raged on for centuries between half bred monsters and an old order of knights sworn to protect humans. Now, in a new age of industry, four knights are turning the tide of battle using new inventions and weaponry.

I saw the gameplay trailer a couple of months ago when looking through 2014 releases, and The Order: 1886 really caught my eye. Steampunk aesthetics have become extremely popular in the last decade and the majority of it looks overly campy (the song "Just glue Some Gears on it and Call it Steampunk" comes to mind) to me. However, this looks less like cogs glued to goggles and more of what I what I imagine alternate history and fictional Steampunk to be: advanced technologies made from new industry. Throw out the fashion and bring on the battle, I say.