The Horror Honeys: Desperation is a Helluva Drug - Cheap Thrills

Desperation is a Helluva Drug - Cheap Thrills

A Head Honey Sneak Peek Review

Cheap Thrills (2014)

I'm a big lover of indie films...especially indie films that surprise, shock, freak me the fuck out, or totally overwhelm me with their beauty.

Walking into a sneak peek screening of Cheap Thrills (ahead of it's release on March 21st) at our local independent theatre, I didn't know what to expect.  At all.

What it is:  Cheap Thrills is a dark comedy.  Now, when I say dark comedy, I mean it's a MOTHERFUCKING DARK, unexpectedly shout laugh at awkward moments comedy.

Who it is: In a typical Californian dive bar, old highschool buddies, Craig (Pat Healy) and Vince (Ethan Embry), reunite unexpectedly over beers, and find out that a lot has changed in the five years since they've spoken.  Craig (the "successful" one) has a wife a young child, an eviction notice on his door, and a fresh pink slip.  Vince (the "loser") is into some bad shit, and both of them are on different edges of desperation.  Violet (Sarah Paxton) and Colin (David Koechner), are celebrating Violet's birthday in said dive bar (ROMANCE) and set out to befriend the pair and rope them into a friendly game of "dare".

What's at stake: Cold. Hard. Cash.  That's right, there's nothing like money to make doing something heinous (or not so heinous as the case may be) seem easy and forgiveable.  As the stakes get higher, the dares get bigger, and the need for boundaries disappears --- in the end there's more at stake than just cash.

Cheap Thrills is like a game of Cards Against Humanity.  The stuff that makes you laugh either makes you a horrible person, or someone I want to high five and then makeout with.

The serious part: Without giving away any spoilers, Cheap Thrills was a fascinating examination of the power of money, the power of desperation, and a fascinating journey into the dark heart of man - which all sounds really deep for a film about dares for money, but that's the thing about "reality game shows" like this one - when the reality creeps in, that's what ultimately breaks you down.

The twists: There are twists aplenty - and I'm not telling you any of them...but the final one, the final one is the real kicker that made the whole theatre exclaim "FUCK."

The Verdict: 4 out of 5 inappropriate dinner choices for this surprising film that was by turns disgusting, hilarious, perverted and downright shocking.  I fucking loved it.

Cheap Thrills officially releases itself all over the place on March 21st and is available on VOD (Comcast, Time Warner, Brighthouse, Cox) already.