The Horror Honeys: Among The Sleep: Horror Game Trailer of the Week

Among The Sleep: Horror Game Trailer of the Week

A Gamer Honey Spotlight - by Kaley

Developers: Krillbite
Release Date: Spring 2014
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux

Indie game developers Krillbite are bringing a new horror adventure to the table with their upcoming game Among the Sleep. First person survival-horror has boomed in popularity, and honestly I just can't seem to get on board. My main “issue” (we'll just call it that) with most horror-survivals is that you usually play as a grown man who doesn't seem to understand the concept of just picking something up and using it as weapon! When faced with fight-or-flight in gaming I will always chose fighting so running to hide in a wardrobe has never appealed to me. However, after watching Krillbites' gameplay teasers I think there might be an exception made.

Among the Sleep has something different that the other games don't: innocence. You play as a two-year-old child who has awoken in his crib one night to very mysterious, and dangerous, happenings. With the help of your beloved teddy bear you must explore a twisted and distorted world made worse by your own imagination. Here you can't fight back because you are something so small and precious. That is what I think might make this a very frightening game.