The Horror Honeys: The Top Women in Horror: Twitter Edition

The Top Women in Horror: Twitter Edition

A Guest Honey Special Release by FITZ

Here at the Horror Honeys, we're all about women in horror...and we celebrate ALL of the ladies who are kicking ass in a male dominated genre.  So cheers, my dears, and when you follow these badass women, tell 'em FITZ sent you.  

The Horror/Thriller Directors
  1. Axelle Carolyn of Halloween Kid @AxelleCarolyn 
  2. Jenn & Sylvia Soska of American Mary, Dead Hooker In a Trunk @Twisted_Twins 
  3. Maude Michaud of Red, Bloody Breasts, Snuff @quirkfilms 
  4. Lis Fies of The Commune @kidsis 
  5. Barbara Stepansky of Hurt, Fugue @bstepansky 
  6. Julie Ufema of Killing Candi, Caveat @JulieUfema 
  7. Karen Lam of Doll Parts, Stained @opiatepix 
  8. Danielle Harris of Among Friends @halloweengal 
  9. Shannon Lark of Lip Stick, It's My Birthday @ShannonLark 
  10. Jennifer Blanc-Biehn of The Girl, Night Visitor @jenniferblancb 
  11. Amy Lynn Best of Severe Injuries, Feast of Flesh @AmyLynnBest 
  12. Tiffany D. Jackson of The Filed Trip @WriteinBK 
  13. Katt Shea of The Rage, Carrie 2 @KattShea1 
  14. Angela Bettis of Roman @AngelaMBettis 
  15. Reema Kagti of Talaash @KagtiReem 
  16. Hanelle Culpepper of Deadly Sibling Rivalry @Hillview798 
  17. FITZ of The Anniversary @itsarifitz
  18. Emily Haggins of My Sucky Teen Romance @CheesyNuggets 

The Bloggers/Journalists/Writers

  1. Kalyn Corrigan of Bad Haven @KillerKalyn 
  2. BJ Colangelo of Day of the Woman @BJColangelo 
  3. Briony Kidd of Stranger in My Face @BrionyKidd 
  4. Amanda Tullos of Mandy's Morgue of Horror @LivnDeadGrl87 
  5. Rebekah McKendry of FANGORIA @RebekaMcKendry 
  6. Kristin of Chicago Creepster @Kreepylady 
  7. Alison of FEARNet, FANGORIA & more @alistasi 
  8. Kristy Jett of Fright Rags -- @TommyJarvisx3 
  9. Heather Wixson @TheHorrorChick 
  10. Stacie Ponder of Rue Morgue @finalgrrl
  11. Alexandra West of Faculty of Horror @ScareAlex 
  12. Lady Hellbat of Rue Morgue/Faculty of Horror @necromandrea 
  13. Christine Hadden of Fascination with Fear @slewfan77 
  14. April Snellings of Rue Morgue @AprilSnellings 
  15. Stacy Layne Wilson of Inside Horror @staciwilson 
  16. Andre Dumas of Horror Digest @TheHorrorDigest 
  17. Monica Kuebler of Rue Morgue @MonicaSKuebler 
  18. Charlotte Stear of Rue Morgue @Kidsbecool 
  19. Debi Moore of Dread Central @TheWomanInBlack 
  20. Liisa Ladouceur of Rue Morgue @LiisaLadouceur 
  21. Lydia Peever of Typical Lydia @typicallydia 
  22. Britt Hayes of ScreenCrush @MissBrittHayes
  23. Hannah Neurotica of Ax Wound @HannahNeurotica 
  24. Heidi Martinuzzi of Planet Fury @HeidiPlanetFury 
  25. Head Honey Kat of Horror Honeys @horrorhoneys
  26. LinnieLoo of Horror Honeys,  @LinnieLoowho 
  27. Jocelyn Rivard of Horror Honeys @JBrivard 
  28. Penny Dreadful of SFX Horror @SFXPennyD 
  29. Rhonny Reaper of Dollar Bin Horror @RhonnyReaper 
  30. Colleen Wanglund of Cinema Knife Fight @SweetColleen 
  31. Dani Martin of Horrorsnark @Horrorsnark 
  32. Char Hardin of Charhardin @Char_Hardin 
  33. Meredith Widnoon of The Whorer @Widnoon 
  34. Rachel of Librarian of the Dead @RachelSStorm 
  35. DarkEva of DarkEva's Delights @TheDarkEva 
  36. Wickergirl of Wickergirl @Wickergirl 
  37. Jennifer Cooper of Jennifer's Bodies @morleysaurus 
  38. DirtyGirl of @DirtyGirlReview 
Don't be scared...these ladies have your back... Or, maybe not.