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The Radleys

British author Matt Haig has a new book coming out this summer called The Humans (released summer 2013) - I am excited to read it as the Goodreads summary references "an alien who comes to Earth to save humans from themselves." I'm sure I will love it since I like all his books. 

The anticipation for his new one got me thinking about my favorite Matt Haig book, 2010's The Radleys.  Aside from the very cool cover art, I am always interested when someone finds a way to put a new spin on something classic like a vampire story. A word of warning for you gore-lovers: I can't in good conscience call The Radleys a scary read. It's really more of a domestic drama (another favorite genre of mine when it's done well - and this one is) wrapped up in a vampire story. The focus is on Peter and Helen Radley and their two teenagers, Clara and Rowan.   

Rowan has trouble sleeping at night and wants to sleep all day. He also has to apply an incredibly strong sunscreen or he breaks out in a horrible itchy rash. His sister Clara is a practicing vegan and is sick all the time - she can't understand why animals seem to hate her despite her kindness towards them and why her parents keep encouraging her to eat raw meat.  

As it turns out, the Radleys are a family of "abstainers," or vampires who choose not to drink blood.  When Clara is bullied one day and reacts violently (to say the least), the parents must share the family secret with the angsty teenagers and call for reinforcement from their Uncle Will, who comes with secrets of his own.

Unlike that other vampire teenager series, this one has some real bite (oh man, sorry for that.) I loved The Radleys and hope you will too!