The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites: Kill Your Lover Edition

Friday Favorites: Kill Your Lover Edition

It's that oh, so special time of year when pink hearts, red streamers, cuddly bears, overpriced roses, and
other overt expressions of love and devotion fill seasonal aisles of your favorite big box stores - but what better way to express your outpouring of emotion than with a little death and mayhem?

It's been said that murder is the most personal and intimate act that can be committed between two people (or three sometimes, you never know), so this week, the Honeys celebrate our favorite moments in cinema where the ultimate intimate act is committed.  Do you have a favorite?  Tweet it to @horrorhoneys and tag it #valentinesdeath

Head Honey - The Queen gets stabby mid-coitus in Snow White & the Huntsman

Revenge Honey - The rat poison cocktails of The Match Factory Girl

Zombie Honey - Death by stiletto in Single White Female

Supernatural Honey - Fun with piano wire in Audition

Sci-Fi Honey - AI retaliation in the Outer Limits episode, "Bits of Love"
Whole episode! 

Monster Honey - Monster munching over a broken promise in the 
Tales from the Darkside segment, "Lover's Vow"

Gamer Honey - Kidnapping & torture for a dreamy prom date in The Loved Ones

Hardcover Honey - A blind & jealous lumberjack does a little wife chopping
in the Tales from the Crypt episode, "Split Second"

Whole episode!

Dark Comedy Honey -  Uncle/Boyfriend gets shot while strangling mother/rival in Stoker

Revenge Honey Minion Maria - Rose shoves Jack off the door in Titanic
Because let's be honest. She was just being a selfish jerk who didn't want to get cold.