The Horror Honeys: February Honey Jam - 'In The Pines'

February Honey Jam - 'In The Pines'

Twisted Love Songs Edition

Black girl, black Girl, don't lie to me
Tell me where did you sleep last night?
In the pines, In the pines, Where the sun don't ever shine
I shivered the whole night through.

"Unplugged" - 1993
Black Girl or In The Pines began as a song passed down from singer to singer as part of the unique folk song tradition in the United States starting around 1870.  Leadbelly recorded several versions of the song in the 1940s, and even Dolly Parton has done a cover.  When I first heard the song in 1993 as a part of Nirvana's "Unplugged in New York" performance, my father was wonderful enough to show me where this song I loved so much had come from - respect to your blues record collection, Dad.

In The Pines has several different interpretations and themes, ranging from explorations of sexuality, where a women is caught doing "things she shouldn't"; the betrayal of a strained relationship; a journey through addiction; to the story of a rape and the death of the rapist.  Either way, In the Pines has a permanent place on my "Music to Murder By" playlist, and as much as I love LeadBelly's original recordings, Kurt Cobain's tortured live performance will always tug at my soul. ~HH