The Horror Honeys: February Honey Jam "Ich tu dir weh" / I Hurt You

February Honey Jam "Ich tu dir weh" / I Hurt You

Twisted Love Song Edition

You bleed for the salvation of my soul 
A little cut and you're turned on 
Your body already completely disfigured 
Whatever, anything goes

I hurt you
I'm not sorry
It does you good
Listen to it scream

It's not often that you WON'T hear Rammstein playing in my house - something about these kooky Germans makes me smile, whether it's their relentless industrial sound, their brilliant videos, their stunning live show (best concert experience EVER, BTW) or just the way everything sounds better in a language that isn't English...  When searching my personal playlists for the perfect twisted love songs to add to this list, "Ich tu dir weh" wasn't initially on my list...until I remembered the lyric translation...look it up for yourself and add a little GAH OMG WTFFFF to your day.   #sorrynotsorry ~HH