The Horror Honeys: February Honey Jam - 'And Then You Kissed Me'

February Honey Jam - 'And Then You Kissed Me'

Twisted Love Songs Edition

Blue, blue, black and blue
Red blood sticks like glue
True love is cruel love
Red blood say power fuel
Sweet love tasty blood
My heart overfloods

Whatever you think you know about Swedish band The Cardigans, just put it out of your head. Everyone remembers Lovefool, and assumes they were a one-hit-wonder 90s band, but the truth of the matter is they are so very much more than that. The majority of their songs are dark, creepy, and vaguely twisted, masked only by the delicate vocal stylings of front-woman Nina Persson. And Then You Kissed Me is perhaps the most disarming of all their songs. It sort of almost sounds like a sweet love song, until you listen to the lyrics. And then you realize... no. No it is not. So listen Poppets, and enjoy today's Twisted Love Song! ~RH