The Horror Honeys: “Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”

“Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”

A Gamer Honey Review

The Wolf Among Us (2013)

The Wolf Among Us is a point-and-click graphic adventure game by Telltale Games and just like their other game, The Walking Dead, players are treated to several episodes of gameplay. The story takes place in Fabletown, a fictional town in New York inhabited by story book characters. A tyrant, only know as “the Adversary” has forced beloved fairytale characters like Beauty and the Beast out of their homeland and in to the dirty and harsh world of the mundanes (yeah, that would be us). 

Gameplay: You play as Bigby Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf, who's turned sheriff and is now trying to keep Fabletown citizens from pretty much killing each other.  Gameplay is very difficult to talk about and review because the game changes based on the player's decision making skills. Each decision can change and morph each chapter, giving different players different outcomes.  Luckily you can replay each chapter if you feel you didn't make a very good choice, which is what I had to do several times. 

Graphics: I'm honestly loving this rebirth of comic sylized art in graphic adventure games. Think about it: it's an interactive graphic novel. This is awesome! Telltale Games, in my opinion, is an absolute leader in this area.

Difficulty: This particular game doesn't have standard difficulty. Dying in the game is extremely hard because you're part of story being told. The only real difficulty is the need for quick decision making; which I've learned that I'm not always very good at that. I've also learned that [glass him] does not mean to clink whiskey glasses after a humorous quip. I still feel a bit bad about that outcome.

The Wolf Among Us really shows us how we're advancing in gaming. We are no longer required to follow linear paths, and now every choice we make can come with consequences.  Games like this and The Walking Dead are making story telling more tailored to the individual and I'm really liking it.

My only real issue is that I feel that there are some things completely lost on players who didn't read the comics beforehand. A few times I've found myself asking “who the hell are they talking about?” and didn't find out until later when I went through the extras.

Other than the need to now purchase the comics, I found The Wolf Among Us incredibly enjoyable and I can't wait for the next episode to come out. I definitely suggest purchasing this game and comparing your playthrough with others!

Gamer Honey's Hearts Remaining: 4.5/5