The Horror Honeys: Guest Honey Special: 'The Anniversary'

Guest Honey Special: 'The Anniversary'

A Head Honey Short Film Spotlight

My love of short film, and indie film is no when I was given the chance to have a pre-screening of a new female written, directed, and acted, short thriller called The Anniversary, I jumped at the chance.  I jumped all over that shit.  Now that it's being re-released, you HAVE to see it.

The Anniversary is tasty sweet...making me remember text messages I've sent, notes that I've left for the loves in my own life, little pieces of myself scattered in the lives of others...but this sweet beginning has a dark twist...a twist that made me smile an evil Grinch-worthy smile.  But I won't give it away...  You have to take a little bit of time and see The Anniversary for yourself, it's Head Honey approved.

A little bit about the wonderful writer, director and honourary Guest Honey badass...FITZ

"On Monday July 22nd at 12:00AM PT, FITZ, newcomer horror filmmaker debuted her oh-so-sweet short thriller  "The Anniversary". Although this was her first time operating a camera, the West Coast based 24-year-old wrote, directed, shot and cut the film in less than two weeks. 

A long-time lover of the thriller and horror genre, FITZ tired quickly of the predictable plot lines and decided to travel down the long fickle road of indie horror filmmaking herself. This decision led to the less than 3 minute thriller, played by FITZ and her actual girlfriend, Ashley Ceaser. 

As a woman in the predominantly male horror film industry, FITZ understands the road ahead. But, that doesn't stop her from creating. In her mind, industry prejudice doesn't stand a chance against DIY filmmaking and the ability to supersede major studios by going directly to the audience online.  In fact, she's moved into pre-production for a much larger thriller project titled, "Mrs. Kline" with a planned online release early next year. You can find out more about that project at or by following her on Twitter. "