The Horror Honeys: A Very Horror Honey 2013

A Very Horror Honey 2013

A Special Message from the Head Honey

2013 has been a very special year for me in many ways, and I hope it has been for all of the Horror Honeys.

This is a very personal article, so pardon me for waxing a bit nostalgic and probably a little TMI here...

In May of 2013, the Horror Honeys as they are today were born fully formed and armed for battle like motherfucking Athena.  I'm not even exaggerating.

Something you don't know: Horror Honeys as it is now started with just me...picking up the pieces of a failed venture that I had created a whole other year previously - I was live tweeting random horror movies that I was watching in secret at my corporate job (never busted!) and trying to build up a following and some interest in a female horror opinion that wasn't all sunshine and unicorn poop.  And I'm not going to lie - in April of 2013, I wanted to quit. I wanted to burn everything and forget it had even happened in the first place.  My love of horror, that thing that I was accused multiple times by various sources of "not really liking," took over.

Pikachu, I choose YOU

Very soon after that awful April, it was me and my undead Rose...and we were up against an extreme amount of butthurt, and an even bigger challenge, which was building the Honeys from the ground up as a brand new and thoroughly badass "take no shit from nobody" entity.  I created the new look and feel of the brand and designed the website with help from a graphic designer friend. We started full steam at Crypticon Seattle - "The Largest Horror Convention in the Pacific Northwest"...and we blew their fucking doors off.  Live tweets, movie screenings, convention coverage, panel attendance and participation in pretty much every goddamn event that was happening; including attending some VERY hungover cartoon showings, and yours truly assisting with and judging their annual makeup competition.  Suffice to say we can't wait for Crypticon 2014.  Look out, Seattle.

After Crypticon, we were on a roll and had definitely announced our presence.  Danica the Monster Honey and Linnie the Revenge Honey joined the party soon after and over the passing months we snowballed from a small group of gals chatting about horror, to a full on coven of Core and Guest Honey's - ALL strong minded, opinionated, outspoken women who not only have something to say about horror, but have educated and valuable opinions about their favorite genre...we are creating dialogue, and maybe (ok, definitely) a few fights here and there, but fuck it.  Meet the Honeys

We're special
Building the Horror Honeys from conception to reception has literally eaten my life, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  We don't use programmed tweets or recycled posts, everything you read from us is original...when you comment or tweet, it's usually me who answers or moderates.  That may not seem like a big deal, but at 2am on a Sunday night when I have to work in the morning, it's a big deal. Horror Honey's is a 24/7/365 labour of motherfucking LOVE for this genre and after everything that HH has been through, I fucking dare those people who told me that I "don't really like horror" to say it to my face now and see what body parts they walk away missing.

Highlights of 2013- It's really all a blur....spending time with my Honeys at conventions and otherwise will always be first (I adore these witches), meeting our readers and twitter friends (seriously awesome), podcast appearances and interviews, print publications, film festival invites, once in a lifetime screenings and film gifts, live tweets that catch the attention of producers, directors, and actors all over the world, and teaming up with some amazing sponsors (whom I adore) filled my 2013 experience. I've never had a more fulfilling and downright badass year. EVER.

May of 2013 also marked my departure from my corporate job to working full time at something I actually don't suck at, at a place that doesn't care what colour my hair is or how many tattoos I have. I never thought that would ever happen.

Most importantly, 2013 brought me the HONOR of being able to get to know some of the most kickass women I would never have met any other way.  You ladies inspire me every day to keep this little project going...this little tiny endeavour to elevate women in horror from just a pair of tits covered in pointless blood to something more IMPORTANT. To be something that challenges the industry itself and maybe, just maybe, can think of itself as being on equal footing with these bastards.

And if not, if they "don't let us" in...fuck 'em.  We're going to break down that fucking door anyway.  Why?  Because it's there.   Cheers to 2014, bitches.