The Horror Honeys: Here Comes the Zzzzzz...

Here Comes the Zzzzzz...

A Supernatural Honey 12 Days of Dyslexic Santa Review
Here Comes the Devil (2012)
I took a break from searing my retinas with Christmas horror to watch what I hoped would be a nice little possession movie. While so much better than the drivel I’ve been subjecting myself to, Here Comes the Devil was a bit of a disappointment. And I was so hopeful…
Felix and Sol take their kids, Sarah and Adolfo, on a little family excursion. The kids decide they want to take a walk up the mountainside. When they don’t return, mom and dad contact the police, who refuse to search in the dark. The kids are found on the road the next morning, shaken, but seemingly unharmed. Once back at home, the kids begin to act strangely. This leads the parents to believe something a bit more sinister happened while the kids were missing.
What really works for this film is the relationship between Felix and Sol. When the kids go missing, they both completely fall apart, blaming each other and getting downright violent. After the kids are found, they find their way back to each other and become a force to be reckoned with when faced with the possibility of what happened to the kids that night, seeking answers and revenge. However, when Sol discovers the evil truth, she starts to unravel and plot in secret, not revealing anything to Felix until the tragic end.
Insert hilarious comment about how they're walking into a vagina here.
The visuals in Here Comes the Devil are stunning. The landscape and use of color are amazing. Unfortunately, they aren’t enough to make the film interesting. It’s painfully SLOW and, although it’s only 97 minutes, it feels like it’s never going to end. Being that it’s also in Spanish, reading while already a little bored just makes it seem all that much longer. 
What really pissed me off are the kids. They’re supposed to be the centerpiece, but are merely background. After their night in the mountains, they mostly mope around and say practically nothing. In fact, they don’t really say much the entire film. Normally, I find this appealing in children, but it doesn’t work here.
Is that Mel Gibson playing guitar with a demon?
The Revenge Honey KNEW IT!
The opening scene, which I assume was supposed to set up the story, seems to be there for nothing more than to watch two girls have sex. It doesn’t even make any connection until near the end.
If you’re looking for gore, you’ll find a little here. There are a few special moments, one with a machete and one with someone’s bare hands. I found that scene the only really compelling moment in the film. It appears that all the effects are practical and realistic, which is refreshing.
There is plenty of nudity and sex in the first act, some of it bordering on soft-core porn, but I don’t have real complaints about that. It’s really the only excitement in the film.
This one time, I rolled my eyes sooo hard.
To tell you what Sol discovers would completely give away the entire thing so if you want to know what happens and have 97 minutes with nothing better to do, you’ll have to watch it yourself. This is a little Christmas tough love, kids.

Supernatural Honey Rating: I give this movie 3 borderline possessions out of 5.