The Horror Honeys: Friday Favorites: Last Minute Horror Holiday Gifts!

Friday Favorites: Last Minute Horror Holiday Gifts!

12 Days of Dyslexic Santa Edition

Running a little late on the holiday shopping and it doesn't look like Santa is going to be much help this year? The Zombie Honey's X-mas shopping list got the other Honeys thinking about what last minute gifts they'd get for the horror-lovers in their lives! From nifty horror attire to booze to practical gory gifts, each Honey scoured the internet for the perfect spooky Christmas treats. So if you're looking for inspiration, look no further than this week's Friday Favorites, a Dyslexic Santa-inspired collection of holiday swag! Click the links to check out each item and with a little extra for overnight shipping, you TOO could be gifting out Honey favorites this holiday.
from Fright Rags!

(and the profits go to charity!)

Monster Honey - Since she likes her Holiday Spirit in liquor form,
Monster Honey picks this stylish Day of the Dead tequila from Kah!

Zombie Honey - The Zombie Honey has a whole list of gift ideas for you,
including this awesome dashboard zombie!

Hardcover Honey - A collection of handmade horror crafts from Etsy!
(Each link will take you to a different Hardcover Honey fav!)

Supernatural Honey - Some slippers that are not quite built for RUNNING AWAY,
from ThinkGeek!

SciFi Honey - These two adorable horror tees from indie clothing company,